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Telling friends/family husband failed PRT /BCA.

Hello everyone, first time mama here, 25 weeks this Wednesday. My husband failed his allotted prt and bcas and is in the process of being honorably discharged. I just wanted to know how to tell my friends and family?

Re: Telling friends/family husband failed PRT /BCA.

  • What does he want to tell them? You don't have to explain anything, it can be as simple as "As of such date we'll be moving back because he's no longer in the Army." End. 
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  • Thanks for the response! It was just pretty unexpected and since the navy was the only reason we were living away from family we decided we would move back home. Just thought there could be a better way of letting them know why he was ending it after 4 years after loving it so much. He really tried, now it's just moving on.
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  • Yeah I would just say, "He's getting out! We're free! Hooray!" lol

    We might be having something similar soon, like not good things happening but still an honorable, and that's all we're going to do. That's our worst-case plan anyways. 
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