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Did I miscarry. Also G-sac??

i everyone, just wondering if anyone has experienced this. 

Im not sure if ive miscarried. I found out late that I was pregnant (5weeks) had quiet bad symptoms early on but after finding out I was pregnant my symptoms seemed to disappear abit. But I understood that this can happen.

I also had alot of spotting thats what made me do a pregnancy test. But on and off it continued with sometimes a small light watery bleed on a pad. 

This week I suffered severe diareha and vomiting then on Wednesday I ended up in hospital with dehydration and a heart beat of 130bpm.

I was meant to be 7 weeks. Eventually after A&E had seen me, I went up to the labour ward, where the pregnancy was confirmed and baby measured just about 6 weeks.  I said is it to small for the dates and she she cant tell the size exactly as its so early to get an accurate measurement , but there was a heartbeat.  

I mentioned my symtoms were kind of disappearing or had been. I then had an internal scan. After she pulled out the probe and told me to get dressed as I wiped there was brown blood/discharge.

When i got home there was more and it was like when your period appears but the brown part. Not the red blood bit. It was the most i had experienced yet. 

It comes and goes, 1 day have it then its gone or It last a few hours then the next pad there is nothing. and then there has been diluted red blood and is light and watery on the pad id say nearly every day.

Yesterday I went to the bathroom and there was quite alot of discharge brown, and normal discharge on the tissue, when i wiped myself and on the pad. 

When I looked also on the tissue there was a clear jelly bubble that was between 5mm to less than 1 centimetre in size, it was very clear and looked like a bubble/sac/lump. Inside of it was a small brown clot or bit of brown discarge lump to the side. But it looked like it was inside. It caught my eye because of the way it looked, not like the brown clear and bitsy discharge on the pad. Ive experienced all types of discharge but i dont think ive seen that before. 

So im wondering does this sound like the gestational sac? Ive suffered cramps and pains on and off, for the last week or so. Also around the belly button and a general dull ache sensation. My pregnancy symptoms are going down, the only symptom I have today is my boobs are a bit sore again and im abit crabby. But thats it. 

Not sure what to do, as I went to register the pregnancy on friday. The doctor said if im heavily bleeding go back to the A&E but im not its just brown and on and off. 

I hadn't realised I was pregnant and so only registered yesterday as apps. are hard to get at my GP. So had to wait a week to go in. I Fell ill and then Wednesday went to the hospital. So as yet I have no midwife. 

Any advise would be really appreciated xx

Re: Did I miscarry. Also G-sac??

  • I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I cannot say for sure, but it does sound like it was the sac that passed. Be sure to see your dr to confirm. Both of my mc's were a lot of blood- more than a period and had intense cramps. I did have nausea and diarrhea with the second one.

    If the bleeding continues or increases, do not use a tampon. Continue to use a pad.

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this but flyoffeve has good advice, you should follow up with your Dr.

    Good luck *hug*
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  • Thankyou both for the messages. I am feeling better, and had no other bleeding since. All symtoms have gone which is a bit confusing. Ive had quiet severe cramps that come and go at night.  But thats it no more bleeding. 
  • When I miscarried the sac was dark red and you couldn't see inside it at all. It sounds to me like you just had weird discharge. I hope you are just having spotting.

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  • I have no advice, but I hope you can get another ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat. Good luck.
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