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Extended BFing Check-in

For the purposes of this check-in, we will define extended breastfeeding as breastfeeding beyond 1 year.

Questions this week suggested by @RDK24 :)

1. How old is your LO?
2. Did you plan on nursing this long?
3. What are your plans for weaning?
4. What's your favorite part of nursing an older baby/toddler?

Non-breastfeeding question of the week:
What's something funny your LO has said/done recently?

Please feel free to suggest questions for future check-ins! :)

Re: Extended BFing Check-in

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  • @crash916 thanks for the encouragement!

    do you feel like nursing got easier to tolerate once you were past the first trimester? it's not that it's physically painful for me, it's more a creepy-crawly hypersensitivity thing.
  • @vvvvvfee‌ Yes it did get easier after 1st trimester. I had issues with it making me nauseated too during 1st trimester. My DH also encouraged me to keep it up at that point.
  • Thank you!  I have a question for future check ins!  I wonder how common EBFing is among the groups of friends and regions of other ladies on this board.  I've found that it's very common among my bump friends but I don't know anyone IRL that has breast fed at all past 12 months.  I get VERY strange looks when people find out that I'm still nursing at 19 months so I generally avoid offering that info.
  • MamaMD said:

    4. What's your favorite part of nursing an older baby/toddler?  Not stressing about my supply and whether she is getting enough.

    Totally agree!

    TTC since April 2011. DH Dx MFI in February 2012. BFP #1: 7.16.12. MMC dx: 8.22.12, D&C 8.28.12, TTC Again November 2012. DH Varicocele repair November 2012; Repeat SA showed "dramatic" improvement February 2013 (awesome!)
    BFP #2: 3.26.13, EDC: 12.7.13. Anya born December 9th, 2013!
    MamaMD[Deleted User]lauranicole91
  • 1. DD is 21 months
    2. I didn't have clear goals related to how long I wanted to nurse. I had clear goals about BF in other areas. I really had a pretty open mind and I often thought out loud about it to anyone who would listen long enough before and after Dd was born. That helped me to find what I really wanted.
    3. I plan on child-led weaning.
    4. I love how tenderly I feel towards DD when I'm nursing her. I love how she can express her excitement towards nursing.
    5. Yesterday I took DD and her cousin (only 9 months older) to the playground. On the way back DD was telling her cuz "jokes" and just cracking her up. The jokes were "cuckoo!!!" And "aaaaahhhrrrrr" I really thought it was so cute how they were interacting.

    @vvvvvfee‌ congrats! I have not BTDT but I am newly pregnant too (6 weeks) and I just wanted to offer my support. Hang in there! I don't have any aversion yet (though I have had it off and on since day 1 of nursing DD before getting KU) I do have nipple pain related to pregnancy. I am taking the attitude of just muscling through it. DD nurses so much (it seems like she actually wants to nurse more the last 3 weeks) and I am willing to tandem so I just try to distract myself from the pain during nursing sessions and keep going.

    Even though I've had nursing aversion I don't think I can help there bc my solution was to end the nursing session as gently as possible, get up, walk around, talk, move, stretch, give it time and come back and try again and that almost always did the trick.

    Anyway congrats and GL!
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    [Deleted User]RDK24MRoxy0628vvvvvfee
  • 1. How old is your LO? 26.5 months
    2. Did you plan on nursing this long?Nope, I went into it hoping to make it through the dreaded 3 week growth spurt with no expectations passed that.  My new goal was 6 weeks, then 6 months, 1 year, 15 months, 18 months, 2.  Now I don't really have a goal, other than to for sure be done by 3. 
    3. What are your plans for weaning? We've gotten down to 2-3x a day using child-led.  If he doesn't drop the last few sessions on his own by 2.5 I'll probably try don't offer don't refuse.
    4. What's your favorite part of nursing an older baby/toddler? Not worrying about my supply, mostly only nursing at home, the time to reconnect after a hectic day.

    Non-breastfeeding question of the week:
    What's something funny your LO has said/done recently? He's really digging singing lately.  His daycare had a Chritmas program on Friday.  The walked the 2 year olds in while "Away in the Manger" was play.  All the rest of the kids looked slightly scared.  Mine was dancing and singing the song.  

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  • @SidraJedi
    thanks so much and congrats to you too! :)

    i think things are starting to get a little better for me now as far as the aversion goes. one thing that definitely helped was cutting DS back from 3x a day to 2x a day, because i found the aversion worse when my breasts were mostly empty. at 2x a day there's a decent amount of milk both times, so it's more bearable.  

    i think i will start adding a pregnant/BFing bonus question to the check-in, since there are several of us here now. :)
  • 1. How old is your LO?
    She will be 16m on the 22nd

    2. Did you plan on nursing this long?
    In the back of my mind, I planned for just the first year. When she was born, and I had issues, I just wanted to get to 6m, then 1yr....now, its when she is ready to stop

    3. What are your plans for weaning?
    I don't have any. We only nurse for short bits now, and we are both happy with that

    4. What's your favorite part of nursing an older baby/toddler?
    For me, less work...She is competent on her own to switch sides, deal with let downs, deal with lack of milk on one side. Also the bonding time we have...The way she looks at me, the way we giggle together...

    Non-breastfeeding question of the week:
    What's something funny your LO has said/done recently?
    We had just gotten home from spending the day at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday. She had received a Little Mermaid dress from her "aunt". I slipped it on over her jammies, and she was running around in the dress, happy as a clam. Then she grabbed her stockings, and wrapped them around her neck, and was prancing around the room. It was adorable

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