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Introduction and why I want a VBAC

Hello! You can call me Serori, I have a 4 year old daughter who was delivered by emergency C-Section after 17 hours in labor. The reason we were told was because her heart rate was going down and mine was going up during pushing. My husband and I are TTC baby #2 and I want to do VBAC VERY badly with the next baby. 

Why I want a VBAC
(Warning: some may consider graphic)
I had a terrible experience with my C-Section and feel that I only needed it because of the effects of the Pitocin I was given without being asked or told about. I had gone into natural labor and was dilating well so I am not sure why they gave it to me. I was taken to the OR after Dr. made the decision and given a spinal block. I could feel EVERYTHING. The anesthesiologist didn't believe me and said "Well, you are still supposed to have a little feeling so you'll be okay" after poking me with a needle to test feeling. When they cut me open I felt everything and could feel the Dr.'s arms in me. I went into shock from the pain and they had to knock me out to keep me from shaking so violently. After that I was in a recovery room for about 5 hours... and THEN I was able to see my daughter.

I want to know what a happy birth experience is like and bring a life into the world with much less chaos. That is why I want a VBAC.

Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope to be active in this board :)

Re: Introduction and why I want a VBAC

  • I am so so sorry about your terrible experience with your cs. I can't even imagine how awful that must have been for you.

    As for your vbac, I hope that you can find a Dr. who will allow you to attempt a TOL. It sounds like whomever was with you during your daughter's birth wasn't listening to you. I hope you are able to vbac with #2 and have a much better experience.
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  • Thank you so much drgk, I am seeing an OB/GYN that advertises her willingness to do VBACs and TOLs so hopefully once we concieve that will ring true. If not, I will fight to find an OB that does. I appreciate your kind words :)
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  • Good luck! I'd recommend checking out and using their provider interview checklist to see if your new OB has any red flags. I used their question list and it was so helpful to find a practice that was truly supportive VBAC and not just giving lip service.
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  • I'm so sorry you had such a traumatic experience. I hope you get your VBAC!
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