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placenta previa check in :-)

So I know we've have a thread or 4 about this but I wanted to see how everyone was making out since finding out about their placenta? Has yours moved? How far along are you? If it hasn't moved has your Dr or Midwife scheduled your c section? Just basically how are we all holding up?

I'm 34 weeks tomorrow, had my ultra sound today and my placenta hasn't budged. My Dr wanted it 4cm away and it is firmly planted at .6cm away (same as a month ago). Tomorrow I meet with my Dr to schedule our c section for 37 weeks. My concern is that according to the ultra sound tech my little man only weighs 3.17lbs, she said it's not definite, that his weight could be a lb heavier or a lb lighter, not that that made me feel any better. So I have 3 weeks to just HOPE he gains enough weight. I mean we will see what the Dr says tomorrow, I know he wants him out early enough so I don't go into labor naturally and I'm sure he won't take him out if he's too small, just a lot to sleep on and can't wait to ask a ton of questions tomorrow :-)

So how's everyone else's progress?

Re: placenta previa check in :-)

  • 34 weeks 5 days and have full covering. Dr wants to do c section on Dec 29th, but will not schedule it yet. She thinks it will still move.
  • Mine moved so no C section needed!! :) 
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  • Mine was 2 cm away at 32 weeks so doctor said I don't need a c-section.

    I think it's weird that some doctors say 2cm is fine and some say 4cm is needed.
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  • Awesome, congrats to u ladies whose placenta had moved! That's great news! :-)

    I just left my drs office and since it's still .6cm away he wants to move forward with scheduling the c section, however, my little guy is small so we're going with 39 weeks instead of 37 to give him him time to cook and if I have any contractions at all before the scheduled appt I need to go straight in and they will do an emergency c section. That put me a little at ease at least, being able to wait until 39 weeks. He wants to do another ultra sound between 36-37 weeks to check his growth too. Right now he's in the 15th percentile and if he slips down to the 10th percentile it could mean he's not getting enough to eat so he'd need to come on out anyways. Some good n some not so good news but I'll take it :-)
  • I had full previa, at 26 wks it was low lying, and now it has resolved. Fingers crossed for you!
  • On Friday ultrasound showed still complete covering. Going in on Friday for c section. Will be 37 weeks. No amino was done to test the lungs so I'm hoping all is good. Baby weighing in at 6 and 4 oz.
  • I have my last appointment on Monday. 20 weeks it was on the edge of the cervix, 28 weeks it was .5 cm away and 32 weeks it was 1.3 cm away.. Fx it has moved the last .7 as my doc only requires 2 cm

    FX for all!

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  • Hers my update. So baby gained weight but dropped to the 14th percentile. My dr isn't concerned tho, he says that's good for 2 more weeks. At least he gained a bit! So our placenta still didn't budge and our C Section is a go for 1/16. Original EDD was 1/21. I can't believe in 2 weeks from today I'll finally have my little man.. fx he keeps getting bigger :-) . Hope everyone's doing/feeling good, thinking about u all <3
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