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Postpartum Depression

post partum PTSD

Anyone experience PTSD after childbirth due to the treatment they received or what happened to them during childbirth? What are you doing differently for this next birth?

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  • FTM and my little guy is almost 5mths so I'm not at this point yet. Definitely interested in what people have to say since I am going to want another baby.
  • I had PPD, but not PTSD. Heard you can experience PTSD after PPD though.
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  • I had PPD, but my birth experience was very traumatic, I'm sure that didn't help.
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  • My dd was born premature in July two months early I'm now experiencing what I believe is PTSD I'm exhausted if don't feel a connection with my daughter as much as I try , I started lexapro which made it worse so I'm trying to push through it all
  • I was diagnosed with PTSD long before pregnancy but it did, I feel, effect how I handled PPD. My mom, though, I believe ended up suffering from PTSD due to her birth experience with me (she never developed PPD, at least not to the extent that it seems I did). To this day she is beyond distressed over her experience (she and I nearly died, there was severe hemorrhaging, and I was finally delivered after four days through an emergency c-section where they opened her vertically, not horizontally because they didn't think she's make it). Because of how badly her first time went and how they practically butchered her to get me out, she had no choice but to have my two sisters through c-section though her experiences with them was significantly less traumatic. She did end up having to go through a chemical menopause/hormone replacement therapy to make up for the amount of blood she lost with me, and to this day she believes that was one of the main causes for her issues afterwards.
  • @bluelotus13‌ I hemmoraged during delivery, also and they say it is related to PPD. I think it does something to you medically and also as a form of PTSD from a traumatic delivery. My delivery wasn't traumatic, but my passing out repeatedly after and they almost couldn't get me back was an issue!
  • Just wanted to say that hearing that you were so happy initially gives me hope that I will one day feel that way about being a Mother and my baby. Thank you!
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