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Healthy baby:) placenta previa :( anyone else have previa?

Saw my new OB today, he is amazing I feel so much more comfortable. Baby is 9wk2dy heartbeat 174. Looking healthy! Thank god! I do have placenta previa so, No sex, no lifting more than 5-10lbs, no exercise for now and until further notice. I'm a nurse and a nursing student, he said I can continue everything right now with the weight lifting restriction and being careful. (Easier said than done) anyone else with previa?

That's my chubster!
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Re: Healthy baby:) placenta previa :( anyone else have previa?

  • Congrats on a healthy baby :) I don't have experience with this but my MIL visited this week and continually told me allll about how she had placenta previa with DH, he was month early, but turned out just fine :) just heed your docs warnings about lifting and activities and hopefully everything will be perfect!
  • No experience, but congrats on your healthy baby! Hope your pregnancy is nice and boring!

    Thank you! I have my fingers crossed for boring too! Congrats to you on both of yours! So exciting!
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  • I have no experience with placenta previa, but congratulations on your healthy baby!
  • Congrats! A coworker of mine had previa early on but her placenta migrated and she was able to deliver vaginally.
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  • I had previa last time. It resolved by 18 weeks. I was in pelvic rest until my anatomy scan.

    As the uterus grows, most cases of previa resolve on their own. The placenta usually moves off the cervix as the uterus gets bigger, sort of like a balloon inflating is how it was explained to me. If it does t resolve they will schedule a c section.
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  • I had placenta previa with DD. Fortunately, mine corrected its self by week 21 but the not lifting part was really hard. I remember kicking the laundry basket down the stairs to do laundry because I couldn't even lift that!! Good luck and FX it corrects its self soon!

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  • I had this Placenta Previa last pregnancy. Mine ended up moving at 36 weeks and I was able to have a vag delivery.
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  • Yey for a healthy baby. No experience personally, but my mom, a midwife told me that while it sounds scary, it is one of those easily containable hurdles in pregnancy. Just follow your doctors orders. You will be ok.
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  • law&order said:

    I had previa last time. It resolved by 18 weeks. I was in pelvic rest until my anatomy scan.

    As the uterus grows, most cases of previa resolve on their own.

    This exactly. No need to worry about it this early on and fingers crossed it corrects itself on its own!
  • Sorry, no experience with previa, but congrats on healthy baby!
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  • Congratulations! Wishing you a calm and quiet pregnancy going forward. :)
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  • My cousin had a partial previa and it fixed itself by 30 weeks, I want to say. Did your dr say if it was a partial or complete previa?

    Congrats on your cutie being healthy! :)
  • Thank you so much for all the feedback ladies! It makes me so much more comfortable that so many people's early previa resolved. I def plan to follow the md orders and I'm ok with a c section...I just want us ALL to get to the end...I don't care how they get this baby out...let's just get there!
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    yelah250 said:

    My cousin had a partial previa and it fixed itself by 30 weeks, I want to say. Did your dr say if it was a partial or complete previa?

    Congrats on your cutie being healthy! :)

    Mine is's totally covering my cervical os. MD said it could still resolve though. He is sending me to a perinatologist who will see me every two weeks so I feel so much more comfortable knowing it will be closely monitored
  • With DS I had a complete previa that became a partial at 26 weeks and resolved by 36 weeks. I was cleared for a vaginal delivery but ended up with an emergency c - section from other complications. Good Luck, follow your precautions and you will be okay.
  • My mom had it with me and it resolved itself. Good luck I hope it does the same for you. Your bean looks amazing :)
  • I had placenta previa with DD early in pregnancy. I got more u/s towards the second half of my pregnancy. My 28 weeks it had moved enough for a vaginal delivery. 
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  • My girlfriend had complete previa and it resolved itself... But she was doing accupuncture weekly with someone skilled in pregnancy stuff so that may have helped.
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  • I had it with DS1. Like others, my completely resolved itself and you still have plenty of time for yours to correct yourself. It's very common and nothing to stress about. Just give it time and follow your dr's orders.
  • I had pp with DD at 9 weeks. By 15 weeks it had corrected itself! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Congrats on a healthy baby!

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  • I had complete previa with my second & unfortunately it did not resolve itself.. I had some bleeding so I went on leave from work at 28 weeks & had a c-section at 39 weeks... No real complications other than that, my OB wasn't overly concerned (she said it happens in 1 out of 5 pregnancies) 
    I just wasn't one of the lucky ones where it moved... But DS2 was born perfectly healthy & the c-section truly wasn't that bad to heal from IMO

    Best Wishes to you!
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  • I had it with both my DD's and it corrected itself by the end. The no sex part sucked but me and dh husband learned to bond on a different level and we worked thru it. :)
  • No experience with that, but congratulations on a healthy, adorable little one :)
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