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28 month old suddenly wont nap longer than 20 min

this is crazy! went from 2 hrs to 20 min. over the weekend i decided i would let him cry for a while and settle back down - after 40 min he was so hysterical he was choking... he is not sick.. i dont know what to do! he sleeps a good 11 hours at night but he wakes up at 630 and by lunch he is EXHAUSTED and then won't nap. I tried pushing bed time back and that didn't work... don't know what to do?

Re: 28 month old suddenly wont nap longer than 20 min

  • Have you tried to make an earlier lunch and get him to nap after the lunch? My daughter is around that age and we try to make nap time 5-6 hours after wake up time so that would be around 11 for lunch and noon for the nap. Also no TV or stimulating activity after lunch. We eat, clean up, read a book or color and then it is nap time.
  • My daughter went from taking 3 hr naps to NOTHING the next day and hasn't napped in months. She was about 30 months when this happened. We had a rough couple months bc she wasn't sleeping longer at night and like your child, she was miserable and exhausted before lunch. We moved her to a bed recently and she's been sleeping longer at night and has been more pleasant during the day.

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  • He might just be phasing out of naps. DS is 3 and only naps at random.

    Try a new nap time routine. Sometimes changing things up is what they need.
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