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Do your wedding rings fit yet???

I can shove mine on but then I can't get them off. I destroyed my knuckle in the process. Should I still wait a bit longer before getting my rings sized? The problem seems to be getting them over my knuckle and not my actual finger size.
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Re: Do your wedding rings fit yet???

  • Wedding ring is on, but not engagement.  It's not easy to get them on or off and I can't wear my engagement ring when I'm striking with my trainer, so it's still not on.  The band can stay on while I hit, though.
  • Everyone's different. I wore mine even while preg with the triplets, but have friends who had to wait 6 months after a singleton.


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    even each pregnancy can be different. DS1 it took a month for my ring to fit again. With DS2 I had my ring on in a week. I would wait before resizing anything because you never really know

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  • I can finally get the on and off comfortably for the most part. Some days my fingers are bigger than others. I would also wait.

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  • I'm back in my ring, but I did get it resized when I was getting swollen fingers bc of eczema.

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  • Ok. My daughter will be 6 months next week. It just seems like a really long time. I stopped wearing them 6-8 weeks before I delivered because of swelling. I hate not wearing them.
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  • No. 
    Well, I can, but they are very uncomfortable and hard to take off.

    DD is almost 10m old. 

    I was able to wear them quicker with DS1.
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  • I never stopped wearing mine mainly because my hands didnt swell with water much at all, they were tight on before and right after birth but then they went back to notmal
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  • I didn't even have to take mine of this time around.  With my old DD I did though.  

  • My DD is 4 months and I still can't fit mine back on. I ended up buying a plain gold band just so I didn't feel weird not wearing one anymore, but I'm hoping I fit back into mine again once I lose the baby weight. 
  • I had to remove mine almost instantly upon becoming pregnant. After 3 months, I broke down and had them resized (up 1/2 size). They fit now, but are still tight.

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  • I never took off my wedding ring, but I did have to take off e-ring and anniv ring due to swelling. I could wear all three within a few days pp and have no issues now.  I'd wait a bit before re-sizing.

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  • My LO is 5 mths and I have my wedding ring on, but my engagement ring won't get past my knuckle. It really bothers me and is a constant reminder that I can't get back to my Prepregnancy weight.
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    I finally got mine back on a few weeks ago, at DS 3m. Had to take them off around 30wks. I'd wait a little longer if I were you.
  • My hands and feet got severely swollen while pregnant (feet went from a size 8 to size 11.5).  Five months PP I am now 3lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight, but my rings still do not fit (i could cram them on, but I'm afraid I won't be able to get them off).  My feet are also still a half to a full size bigger.  I think my hands and feet may just be bigger now for the rest of my life. 



  • @ElTrain5‌ oh no! That worries me!!! My hands got a little swollen while pregnant, too. I'm hoping that's not the case with me and it's the extra 20 lbs I still can't lose. Lol
  • Yep...just wish my pants fit, too.

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    @Soon2BMrsN yes!!! If my pants fit Id be a happy girl!!!
  • I was able to wear my wedding band until I was about 6 months pregnant. Then sadly I had to take them off.... I tried to put them back on 4 days after the birth of my DD. They wouldn't go pass my knuckles :( ..... of course everyone said to wait....

    I tried putting them on again when she was 7 weeks... they just pass my knuckles but wouldn't fit (still tight) so off they went!
    Then at 8 1/2 weeks and 9 weeks (now) they fit!

    But my engagement ring is another story. (as well as my other wedding band). I have 2 wedding bands - one is plain that I used to wear while I'm at work with clients and or for camping/swimming etc. The other is with diamonds. Currently the plain wedding ring and engagement ring does not fit (it's a tad bit smaller than the wedding band)
    It just gives me the motivation to try and lose weight... but for now if I can get my jeans to fit....

    (it probably helps that I live in Canada in the north so it's been so cold which helps!)
  • my new wedding ring (got it from my DH when I had DD) fit perfectly when I had just had her but now it slides off my finger and falls off

    my pre pregnancy pants though still mostly don't fit right (only 2 of them do) the rest barely zips closed and I can't sit in it or be comfortable. my maternity pants are too large..I try to get by with what I have because I dont want this transitional period to linger longer if I start buying an in between size. I only have 2-3 Kg left so just a few pounds but they just won't melt off!
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  • I am 3 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. pants still don't fit. rings stop at knuckles. I really miss my rings. 4.5 mos post partum I thought I would be back to my old sizes. oh well. haven't gotten a good routine down to start exercising. I am hoping since winter is here my rings will fight soon.
  • How are you all below pre pregnancy weight?! We are at 7months now & I still have 6 lbs to go. Granted I am not exercising (until yesterday) and my current weight is probably considered more "healthy" than my pre-pregnancy weight, but I cannot drop these last few pounds. 
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