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Into - for future interest

Hello! I would like to introduce myself as a ftm and a future surrogate (if I'm still healthy and when my family is complete). I don't want to be a stranger when I post in this part of the forum. I've been interested in being a surrogate mother for a long time and recently started my research. I've had interest in this as my mother had a few complications when trying to conceive babies with my step father. The pregnancy before my youmgest sister made her kidneys fail and the baby was killing her on her 5month, she had no choice to end the pregnancy (she couldn't leave behind 2 young girls alone) and with my youngest sister, she had a normal pregnancy until my sister was 6 months with cancer. My mother had no choice to end the thought of having more kids, even if she reminds us everyday how we're her miracles and how she would of continue being pregnant if she could. I feel for her everyday and wish she could of had more childrens as well as people who simply can't on their own. My mission in this is to help as much people as I can. I hope to find more information to complete my research to continue down this path :) and hope to talk to with everyone soon!
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  • Welcome to the board.  I'm assuming you're not in a position to become a carrier at this very moment?  If that's the case, and you're still building your family, I suggest you research your rear end off over the next couple of years.  I had a good 18m or so from when I started researching until my first transfer and I was so thankful that I knew what to expect (what IP's I wanted to match with, what I wanted to make sure was in the contract, make sure that my OB was supportive, research attorneys, learn from other people's mistakes, etc).  Surrogacy is a deep, intricate world, you won't run out of things to learn.

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  • @Mama-Bear‌ it won't be for now no. I just want to go through this part of the forum to really have answers to my questions, real experience from other people that I can read and also information of potential things I'll need to help with my choices! But thank you!
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