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Anyone here with 3u4 or 3u5 still?

I thought life would get a bit easier once DD2 was on more of a schedule-she now takes two fairly predictable naps. However, it seems almost harder to get anything done now than when she was an itty bitty. How do you get dinner done, as well as other required household duties, play with your kids, and stay sane?
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Re: Anyone here with 3u4 or 3u5 still?

  • You just do what you can and quit worrying about the rest! Some days I manage to get dinner prepped before H gets home from work, other days H gets dinner ready because I've had no time. It's better to throw all expectations out the window that way you never feel like you didn't get everything done. It is what it is and that's ok!
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  • You Don't. And i only have 2.
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  • I only have my A14 baby right now, but just wanted to say that I've really taken to using my crock pot and prepping meals during naptime and it's helped me a lot. Then later in the day I can take a minute or two to toss everything in and cook. Bonus points for double meals that just need reheating the next day! My house has needed a good cleaning for about two weeks, so no help there.
  • I am trying for #2 and hoping for 2U2.

    I have a hard time now keeping up with stuff. It's something I've been discussing and working on with my councelor.

    LO comes first so if at the end of the day she's full and happy it's a success!

    I set much smaller goals for myself now. I have a tendency to see the whole gigantic picture. I want to organize, get rid of stuff we don't use, scrub every nook and cranny, each project leads to something else! And then I feel overwhelmed and don't do any of it.

    It's a constant mental battle I have.

    I try instead to do something small and let myself be proud for accomplishing it. A load of laundry, sweeping a floor, a sink full of dishes. If I do anything above and beyond keeping LO alive I allow myself to feel accomplished.

    I also have spoken to DH and we try to remember to thank each other for even the little things like a single load of laundry or taking care of the goats. I find the positive reinforcement helps. And it's just nice to appreciate each other.

    For food make meals that are easy leftovers, the slow cooker is a great idea too.

    And if there are days DH has to cook don't be so hard on yourself.
  • I have 2 under 3 and I find myself struggling a lot. I often worry that I'm not cut out for the logistics of the whole thing. I'm the totally frazzled mom trying to just hang on ;) Sometimes I find it helpful to see other moms struggling too - not that I wish them ill! It just makes me feel normal.

    As for how to make it happen, I have no idea! I have been slowly trying to figure out a schedule, but it's tough with nap times that don't overlap, scheduled/non-scheduled activities for the toddler, cooking and eating (bf'ing vs. sit down meals). I am just trying to accept that it's a work in progress and that the LO will keep mixing it up anyway.
  • I guess it doesn't help that DD1 has sensory processing dysfunction and we're on a special diet for DH at dinner, which limits a lot of meal ideas, or makes them twice as hard to prepare because of ingredient swaps and everything needing to be made from scratch. I will continue to take it day by day. Good to know it's not just me feeling overwhelmed with it all.
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  • I had 2U2. DS1 is almost 25 months and DS2 is 8 months. I stick to a routine most days and follow a cleaning schedule (I posted it in the cleaning hacks post). I'm very type A, organized, and neat freak. It's hard to let go of some stuff but it gets easier. I get up about an hour earlier or so than every one else and get a lot started- laundry, meal prep, emails, etc.

    Just do what you can, but take care of LO and yourself first. We're all doing the best we can. It takes practice to find a good balance that everyone is comfortable with.
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  • 3u5 here... It's not easy. But routine is key for us. And I don't give myself expectations that I am doomed to not meet.
    1 load of laundry a day. Dishes are done at the end of every night (most nights). I made myself a cleaning schedule. About three chores a day to maintain the house and to keep me from being overwhelmed. Harder more time consuming chores are paired with easy quick chores to make it even. If, for some reason I miss a chore on that day, I make myself NOT do it until the next time I'm supposed to.
    Kids are on a schedule too. Including a 2 hour quiet time after lunch. My 4 yo has a choice of nap, playing quietly, or reading in her room. My 2 yo sleeps. And that leaves me with LO. I take the time to relax, do something for me.
    That's how I stay sane.

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  • I find everyone is most content in the morning (everyone's well rested/interested in playing) so I take advantage and get stuff done then. I've also done many chores after bedtime. Nothing makes you feel more momlike then mopping at 9pm.
    As for dinner, I have a few pseudo tricks: I try to get the time consuming chopping done during a nap time and throw it in the fridge for later. While cooking, I put the baby in the exersaucer or PNP in the kitchen with me so she's hopefully content with just watching me, or I put her in the highchair with some puffs and pray she'll still eat something when dinners ready. The older kids get bribed with TV while I cook so there's no fighting over toys and no running around. Whenever I can, I cook double so I can freeze it. Anything that goes in a 13x9 can be put in 2 8x8s and give me 2 frozen dinners. Find an easy meal that everyone eats, and eat it once a week. For us, it's scrambled eggs with spinach, onion, and mushrooms.
    There are days that flow smoothly and there are days when I put the kids to bed apologizing. It's hard, and the people who make it look easy are just good at making it look easy!
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