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Doctor WWYD?

I'm trying to decide on a doctor and am having a problem. 
 A little background, I live in a very small, rural community. The nearest hospital is 35 miles away (30 minute drive), my first child was delivered in a hospital 60 miles (1 hour drive)  from my home. 
The doctor that delivered my older daughter, is still our current doctor has moved practices and is now 75 miles (1 hour 15min drive) away. The problem is she is literally over the mountain from me, and depending on traffic and weather it can take up to 2 hours to get there.
Should I bite the bullet and change doctors?
I really like her and trust her but am worried with it being my 2nd child that things could progress quicker and I could have the baby in the car, paranoid I know. 
Looking for some advice or thoughts. 
Thanks in advance. 

Re: Doctor WWYD?

  • Have you called around to doctors who are closer? Is there any chance you can get sit-down to get to know one or two possibilities? 

    In your shoes, I wouldn't risk a two-hour drive to the doctor's or an hour drive to the hospital without clear cause. If you meet the other doctor(s) and feel like your care will be below the standard your current one can give, then there's a good reason to commit to the drive. If the closer hospital is not the place where you want to deliver your baby, then commit to the drive.

    So I say explore the options before you commit, but don't rule out staying with your doc if she's really the right fit and you think she's worth the risks.

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  • If I were in your situation I would find someone closer. We had quite the drive when I had my son, and I'm glad to have a closer option this time around.
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  • Thanks for your quick responses. 
    I left a message for my doc asking for her opinion and on suggestions for other docs closer to me. 
    I know that if I change docs I will pick one from my old practice and will still be delivering an hour away. 
    That is probably why I am so wishy washy about picking a new doc. If everything goes smoothly the drive is not that much different one way or the other if that makes sense. 
    Thanks again.
  • I would check on finding a doctor a little closer to you. The hospital drive might not change but with so many prenatal appointments it might be nice to not have to be in the car that long. Plus for me at least my bladder would have had a hard time lasting through a 1 hour 15 minute drive in third trimester!

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