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Questions about HPT

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So we had sex on Halloween night and didn't use protection and I feel it in my bones that I am pregnant. But I have taken 3 HPT and all 3 have come back negative. (We have even had sex a few more times since then.) We have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week but I'm so anxious, should I take another test? Should I wait? Maybe I'm just testing too early? Maybe I don't produce enough HCG in urine and need a blood test?
Just wanted to hear others women's perceptive! :-S

Re: Questions about HPT

  • Sorry for your frustrations. Usually a negative HPT means you are not pregnant at this time. It is possible you are testing too early. If you are trying to get pregnant I highly suggest lurking around the trying to get pregnant board. Familiarize yourself with the bump, read the posts at the top of any board BEFORE posting. Good luck.
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  • Negative test, not pregnant. Don't waste your time (or your drs time) unless you go 60 days with no period and no bfp. Until then, test once a week. Good luck.
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  • Late implantation can give a late positive, but that is normally what may happen in short cycle. By your time line I think it may be a no go this cycle.
  • I conceived on nov 15 and received my first positive yesterday, 13 days later, 5 days before missed period. I had been sick the week prior and tested everyday getting negatives. That being said I think you would have gotten a positive by now.
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  • I felt it in my bones before, but my bones must suck because it never actually happened all those times.  No, I wouldn't bother with a blood test. Tests are really accurate and if it's saying you're not pregnant then you probably aren't.
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  • I took HPTs starting on Nov 20th, even though my cycle wasn't estimated to start until 28 Nov... breastfeeding and then not breastfeeding made my cycle so irregular that I really didn't know if/when I ovulated.  Also, I haven't had two normal consecutive cycles since my daughter was born in March- I was hopeful, but really had no clue. I didn't get my first positive until 29 Nov, so I was definitely testing too early.  Best of luck to you! 
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