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Due August 7th-conflicting events!

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So I'm due with my 2nd August 7th and I just found out today. Totally unexpected and quite the surprise! We've been off birth control for over 6-7 months now and have just been being really careful. We were planning in beginning to try in January or February, but somehow things went a little different than planned! I'm very happy but am a little nervous for my cousin who is also one of my best friends to find out!
See, her wedding is August 1st and I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid. I know it sounds petty but I was trying to plan around her wedding. Now I keep thinking what if I go early like I did with my first and I don't make it to the wedding. This day is huge for her and I don't want to take away from it!
Just looking for support on if I should go ahead and talk to her about it before I tell everyone else after Christmas or what I should do!

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    My two cents: be honest with your cousin as soon as you feel comfortable. Don't feel like you need to say anything before you'd tell her anyway, but do make sure she knows she still has your support, even if you can't be there on the big day itself. You both have PLENTY of time to make sure you both have all the help you need. I have first hand experience on being on your cousin's side of things. I bet she'll understand. 

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  • I think if you let your cousin know around Christmas, that is plenty of time for her to make any adjustments to her wedding that she needs to.  I'm sure she will be happy for you and understanding if you have to miss the celebration.

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  • Thanks guys! Great thoughts!!!
  • My step sister was due 4 days after my wedding. I thought she might say it was too much for her but she stayed in being a bridesmaid. I told her to do whatever she needed to do since we ordered the dresses before she found out. I did not want to cause an added stress on her. She ended up having the baby after the wedding. We all thought she would be early since she was with her first. I'm sure your cousin will understand that this is a major life event for you and will understand whatever you decide to do. Good luck!
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