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I really hate to ask this question. (losses)

I mentioned this in my Au2015 Due Dates thread, but I'm not sure if anyone will see it.

This is a question I am not fond of asking, but do we want an Angel Baby column on our spreadsheet? Or should I just delete names? I don't want to make anyone feel worse than they already do... so I thought I'd get your opinions to see what y'all thought would be less painful.


Re: I really hate to ask this question. (losses)

  • I like the idea of letting the individual decide, but at the same time people do tend to disappear after a loss. I think that me reaching out to ask would only hurt them more than they already do.

    I think it would be nice to acknowledge they were part of the board as well.

    I just want to consider everyone's feelings here, and I'm stuck :-/

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  • @Annabananabom - I really like that idea. What would you suggest saying about why we recognize angel babies on the spreadsheet?
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  • Thanks @Annabananabom! You really have a way with words :)

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  • One of my previous BMBs didn't have an excel sheet like you made but there was a tab on the webpage with a list that said "_______ said goodbye on (date)."

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  • I haven't made a webpage before, but if that's something this group wants we can try to figure it out. I've seen one on another BMB, and thought it was a neat idea.
  • February 15 had a list of angel babies on the BMB blog.  I think they added people as goodbye posts were made.  No one messaged me, but my angel was on there and it was comforting to see.  I never checked the spread sheet, but I would assume my info was removed when I was added to the blog. 
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