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Pregnant test line fading?

Hi all. I had really great hcg levels at 4 weeks (469). My dr didn't do a second round of testing to make sure they are doubling. I've always had 2nd testing done with past 3 pregnancies (miscarriages). So, being the paranoid freak that I am, took a FRER test this morning. It's been a full week since I last tested. The line isn't as dark as last time. I am 4 weeks 4 days today. Has anyone had this happen and still be okay? The line is still visibly there, just not as dark. Any answers are greatly appreciated.

PS. I am currently undergoing fertility treatment.

Re: Pregnant test line fading?

  • I'm surprised they didn't do a second beta since you did fertility treatments! 
    But I would try not to worry. There's lots of variables as to why that can happen. Brand of test, the concentration of your urine, etc.  Hopefully all is OK in there.
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  • No experience, but 469 is a great number! I would definitely put a call in to your doctor. Maybe see if they can do another round of blood work and just check. Can't hurt to ask. I know my office wouldn't have a problem running more labs. Best wishes! FX for you!

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  • I would get another test done. Only reason I say this is so you can have your mind at ease. Try not to stress about it
  • I have no advice, just wishing you good thoughts.
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  • Thank you all. I try my hardest to stay positive but after 3 MCs, it's hard. I never should have tested today. Maybe I'll email my nurse and ask about it. Thanks again!
  • Sending you good thoughts.

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  • So, not a medical doctor, but two things to keep in mind:

    1) There are different amounts of dye in every test, so darkness of line isn't indicative of anything. 

    2) There is such a thing as a "hook effect" in which PG tests will start to fade and even give a false negative after a certain concentration of pregnancy hormone. 

    Here is a really science-y article:

    and a more reader-friendly version:

    I hope all turns out well for you!
  • Yall! I think I may have been reading the test wrong. Does anyone know which line (left or right) is control line on FRER?
  • llittle7 said:
    Yall! I think I may have been reading the test wrong. Does anyone know which line (left or right) is control line on FRER?
    The line closer to your hand is the control line. The line closer to the pee is the test line.
  • I was reading wrong! The one on top is 8 days ago. One on bottom is today.
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  • Me too. Now I just feel like an idiot!
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