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Xmas ideas for a super amazing teacher

DD is so lucky to have an amazing teacher this year. I want to get her something really nice. I want something a little unique. Any suggestions?  

Re: Xmas ideas for a super amazing teacher

  • I'm anxious to hear some suggestions.
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  • I don't think I have anything unique.  However, a day at the luxurious spa would be a great gift.  I usually am the practical gift giver to teachers and bus drivers though.  I give gift cards because I know they will be used.  Sorry I'm not much help.   

    I will say, unless you are some spectacular crafter, I would avoid homemade anything.  
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  • Honestly, don't try to get too creative. I like the spa idea, but some people aren't into that stuff and it may go unused. As a teacher, my favorite gifts are Target gift cards. Yes, it sounds boring, but i can get anything I want with it. I say put whatever amount of money you want to spend on a Target gift card, and write a really nice letter to her. Seriously, that would make my day.
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  • yeah I do gifts cards to Target. 

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