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Intro- kind of freakin out.

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hello! I am Jaime. I am 31 and live in Washington state. This is our 2nd pregnancy and very unplanned. We have a dd who is our world and only 16 months. We decided we would start trying next November so the two would be anywhere from 2 yrs and 9months apart to 3 years. I have been feeling sick for the past week and taken over 15 tests all negative (my sis who is an expert said wait til 5 days before missed period, that would be today!) so I took one went to target and didn't think anything of it especially since I just figured we all had a stomach bug and that explained symptoms because seriously who has pregnancy symptoms before they can even get a positive? So I came home sat down to pee and saw a faint second line on the test I had taken. I took four more after that, all faint pink lines! Anyway so here I am!! Ironic part is two years ago the day after thanksgiving is when we found out we were pregnant with dd AND this baby will have the same exact due date as her! I'm freakin out cause I'm currently on a anti depressant and not sure I should quit cold turkey. We only moved to this area a year ago so I don't have an ob (I loved my last one but she is 3 1/2 hours away). So I'm just feeling overwhelmed but blessed !!! Nice to meet you all!!
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