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Midwife or obgyn?

Just curious who plans to use a midwife for their prenatal care? Or are you using an obgyn?
For my son I used an obgyn & I am considering going to a midwife this time. I have not made my 8 week apt yet because I'm not sure what I want to do yet. Does anyone have any experience with a midwife? If so do you recommend it over traditional obgyn prenatal care? Thanks!
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Re: Midwife or obgyn?

  • Also, I had a c/s with my son so I am not sure if I will try for vbac or repeat c/s this time around. I know I won't be able to vbac in a natural birth center but I have the option of using an midwife for prenatal care, and assistance for vbac at a traditional labor and delivery center.
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  • I am using an OBGYN, but love midwives! Last time I had precipitous labor and complications so it instantly puts me high risk this time. As a nurse, I have seen that OBGYNs are more likely to push for interventions (manually breaking your water, starting pitocin to move things along quicker) while Midwives will push for a very natural birth. Remember OBGYNs are trained surgeons and Midwives are masters or doctorate prepared RNs (very different views). But a good OB or Midwife will truly listen to your birth plan and try to help you stick to it, until you change your mind or issues evolve that require intervention.

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  • I use aN OB, but I have a bleeding condition that makes me a bit higher risk. Midwives are great usually but not for me unfortunately. I do know some midwives won't take VBAC patients but it varies.
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  • Ob cause I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with dd and was under the care of mfm and my ob
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  • I used the same midwife for both my births. As long as a midwife is an option for me I will always choose one over an OB.

  • OB since I have another health condition. I'd like to try to find an office that has both though.
  • I used OB last time, and I was high risk with Gestational Diabetes, and I ended up having a C-section. I want to go an midwife, but they are far from me and near by ones don't take my insurance. This time I am going to different OB, that will do a Vbac.  

  • Luckily since we live in a decent size city I have the option of seeing a midwife at the same office as OB through the same hospital association I had my son at. I had a c/a due to failure to progress from induction at 38 weeks when I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia. Luckily I still have the option of seeing a midwife if I prefer, but they will not allow me to attemp birthing anywhere but a labor & delivery which is fine with me. Sounds like maybe I should have a visit with both to see which one I vibe better with :) thanks!
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  • It's a combo OB/midwife group I'll be using. Already had them picked out when we were TTC. Recommended by many friends in the area.  I'll be seeing the midwives and if I end up turning high risk for some reason, you move to the OB's care. Same office.
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  • I used an OB for my last pregnancy, however only because I was spotting for 14weeks consecutively and a midwife would have only seen me after the first trimester. 
    My DS ended up being delivered by the senior nurse because the OB was in an emergency c-section. I had a relatively easy labour - no epi, no stitches, approx 6hrs long. 
    For this pregnancy I have already gone ahead and booked a midwife because I have heard great things about their prenatal and post-natal care. 

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  • We are using an OBGYN and a doula. Ideally I would love to have my baby at home with a midwife but I am not sure DH will be with me on it.... So plan will be hospital, but that is not in stone yet. My good friend is my doula and will be with me at either place.
  • I vote midwife all the way. I have been with one for my last two pregnancies and the support I received was outstanding. When our son was very ill, my midwife sent a nurse out to her car for her camera and stayed with us taking pictures until he passed away. Midwives truly become a part of the family.
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  • OBGYN.

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  • I will be using an obgyn.
  • I was with a midwife the whole time, it aligns best with our personal views and beliefs around birth. We wanted a home water birth. Their visits are longer and more personal... Although later in my pregnancy we knew I'd have to have a c-section cause DD was breech and we couldn't turn her I just waited till I went into labour on my own then headed to the hospital. The midwives had primary care over DD which was my desire. I had some complications from my c-section (PPH and opted not for a transfusion because of the risk of still getting something -blood transfusions are not 100% disease-free) but their care for both me and DD during the birth and after was invaluable. I'm currently on the wait-list for 2 midwiferies while they confirm availability. I'm hoping to do a VBAC this time, and hoping we can still have a home water birth but if we can't and need to do it at a hospital I'll settle for that if it means I can still do midwife route.
  • I'm planning another homebirth, and will be with the midwives who helped catch my boys. I LOVE midwifery care, and highly recommend it to anyone, whether you want a hospital birth with drugs, a natural hospital birth, or a homebirth. I love that I have 45 min appointments and never feel rushed.
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  • I'm going with an OB only because my insurance doesn't cover midwives. Otherwise, I'd totally have a midwife.
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  • @daniellepanda‌ - I tried for a VBAC with ds2, and switched to a midwife at 32 weeks during that pregnancy! (It was a ob/mw group but mw's did most of vaginal births) BEST choice I could of made! In my experience they were so much more VBAC friendly and supportive, they were simply amazing and gave my body every chance possible to get my VBAC. Unfortunately that was not in the cards for me, but I will see then for my monthly visits this time until my RCS...
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