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Time to call ped again??

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So I thought I was going to be Most Laid Back New Mom Ever.  Then my adorable, perfect baby was born at 4lb 7oz and dropped to 4lb  2oz at1 our first dr. appt and at 1 week old, my mom implied I wasn't feeding him enough.  I called the pediatrician and we went in for a weight check (4lb 9oz, btw - my mom and I had a Talk about Boundaries).  Then I saw a lump in baby's groin area. So we went in and found out it was a hernia (poor munchkin).  Then, his congestion/snorting (which he's had since birth and I've asked about EVERY time we've gone in and been assured repeatedly it's just because his nose is so tiny) got worse and his voice sounded hoarse, and he was having trouble eating.  So we went in yesterday.  Ped says he's fine and just to get a humidifier.  

TODAY I'm convinced he has thrush.  He has a little white patch on his inner lower lip that won't wipe away. But I was just there YESTERDAY.  The dr. would have noticed it, right? Should I put in a phone call?  

Re: Time to call ped again??

  • With the holiday I would take him in if you can get an appointment.
  • I agree, a call to the nurse will give you a sense of peace and maybe a plan of action. Hugs mama! -Cookin'Quiltin
  • Well if you didn't notice it yesterday, they may not have either it could have developed in that time. I would call the doctor, whats the worst that can happen? They are used to new moms, and believe it or not a lot of times our intuition is right on. I am a new mom too... and my little one started vomiting all the time everyone thought it was just spit up turned out to be pyloric stenosis which needed a minor surgery ... I bothered the doctor for 3 days monitoring the whole issue... its WAY better to be annoying and safe than have something happen to your little one. 
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