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Nausea :( (rant)

The worst part about my first pregnancy was the uncontrollable nausea 24/7. I prayed to just throw up to find relief, but even if I did it didn't go away. I knew I was pregnant before the test showed positive this time around due to those familiar symptoms starting again. I am not looking forward to the next 8 weeks of wanting to crawl in a hole :( Last time I tried teas, pressure point bands, diet changes, sipping on ice water all day, sour candies, baking soda crackers, and Ondansetron 8mg ODT. Nothing worked. I just hope and pray it goes away in second trimester and doesn't come back like our last pregnancy.

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Re: Nausea :( (rant)

  • My first pregnancy I was nauseous and throwing up until delivery. It was awful :( but with DS it was just mild here and there. Each pregnancy is different. Hopefully you won't be too sick for too long!
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  • I know the feeling. Hoping you have only mild nausea if that. I have been fairly nauseous off and on for about a week now and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through Thanksgiving dinner with my family without spilling the beans!
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  • I have been nauseous off and on the past week :( when I was pregnant with my son I had zero nausea or morning sickness.
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  • The nausea is just starting to kick in for me. Ginger and Sea Bands were helpful for me last time, so hopefully they'll help this time too. I hope you feel better, OP!
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  • Thank you for sharing your experiences! It's funny how misery likes company lol. Everyone I know personally has had pretty flawless pregnancies, it's nice to know others understand. :) I will keep you all in my prayers that your nausea stops as well!

    1st DD born 1/2013
    2nd EDD 08/2015
  • you know it is bad when you want to throw up just to make it better lol, mine is only just kicking in now have had a few coffee aversions so far that have set me off, am hoping it is short lived as I dont have time to hang out near a bathroom all morning just incase 
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  • Hi ladies. I just joined and couldn't wait to get in on some pregnancy conversation!

    Sorry for the nausea. I'm not looking forward to it. While I haven't had any yet, I'm sure it's a matter of time! Yesterday and today I've noticed my sense of smell is picking up. Seeing as though usually I can never smell anything it's weird!!

    I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey day!
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  • Ugh. Mine is just starting today. If I weren't snowed in I'd be on my way to buy some ginger tea!
  • I was lucky with DD that i had very little nausea, but also had absolutely no appetite and lost 20 lbs. So far only occasional hints of nausea, but boy does my back and hips hurt
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  • I was so sick with my first the constant extreme nausea (as an elementary teacher it was very hard to work and feel that way!) I tried zofran and diclectin and neither worked, but when I used both together I finally found relief! I tried weening off during second trimester, but every time i stopped I became very sick, throwing up multiple times a day...but I have to say the medication was fantastic!
    I'm hoping that I won't have this this time!!!!'
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  • This is my first so I am really nervous of what's to come. So far, I have had the uneasy feeling in my stomach most of the day and a little indigestion. It's still really early in the game. Do you all think it will continue to get worse or will it be the same feeling based on your experience?
  • @shannon9161‌ there is really no way to tell. Some women get bad nausea and vomiting and some get none. I had very little and it never progressed. Don't stress yourself out just yet.
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  • @ABvintage‌ be grateful that you don't have full blown nausea. There are ao many wonderful pregnancy experiences so look forward to the good one like kicks instead of nausea.
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