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Reusing prepared bottles?

My LO has an issue with waking up and feeding for a bit then falling asleep, despite my best efforts to keep her awake. This inevitably leaves me with a half drank bottle of formula or EBM. A half hour to hour later, LO will wake looking for more food. It's frustrating because milk supply is low and I don't want to waste any. Is it safe to continue giving her the same bottle? What are the rules with this? Also, any tips to keep her up during initial feeding would be appreciated. TIA!

Re: Reusing prepared bottles?

  • Formula bottles are good for an hour once LO starts eating and from my research BM is good even longer (though I can't find out how long, exactly). Either way, from what you indicate you should be good. As for tips, my LO does the same thing but as soon as I move her to burp her she wakes up. If your LO doesn't wake up while burping on your shoulder, maybe try burping her sitting up in your lap instead. Good luck!
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  • I believe breast milk is good for up to 3 hours at room temp. (that's what the nurses said)
  • I had this same problem initially with my LO.  He also was losing weight so getting him to take the full bottle was important.  The lactation consultant told me to undress him down to his diaper to wake him up completely for feeding.  Then after he had taken 1/2 of the bottle, stop to burp, change, and dress him before giving him the rest.  This really was a pain and made feedings last a long time, but it worked.  Good luck!!
  • Formula is good for 1 hour after the bottle is made, but will last up to 24 hours in the fridge. Sometimes our little guy does this and we just warm up what he didn't eat on the next feeding.




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