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our baby boy is due in May. Was wondering if anyone was doing anything as far as Christmas stocklings, ornaments etc.. for this 1st Christmas before the birth?? ideas??!!

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  • Nope; baby isn't born yet, so she can't really celebrate with us. 

  • I'm not planning on doing anything for the baby this year.  I am looking forward to next Christmas when the baby is actually here.  Seeing the baby's face with the lights and everything decorated will be fun!


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  • I am making ornaments that kinda reflect that I'm having a baby, but nothing like baby's first xmas... bc it's not. Next year i will for sure though. Considering the salt dough ornaments with baby's foot print and paint it all cute with the year.
  • No.  I guess we sort of had something when I was pregnant with DS, his EDD was 12/26 so we didn't know if he would arrive before or after.  DH's parents gave us two Christmas ornaments for him.  I displayed them on our table, but decided I would only hang them on the tree if he was actually born before Christmas.  He was born on 12/29, so I hung those ornaments the following year.
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    I'll be buying their stocking this year, just because Target still has the stockings we bought last year and I'm worried that if I wait until next year, they won't carry them anymore. Last year, we bought these {two green, one red} and then had our names embroidered onto them. I'll actually be buying two {one red, one green}, one for this baby and one to put away for if we decide to have a third. I may put it up the second red this year, but it won't have embroidered until after babe is born in May.

    We'll be finding out the sex on 12/19. My mom will buy the baby a gift for Christmas and we'll let our oldest open it. I've been eyeing a Jellycat bunny, so I may buy that for baby for "Christmas", but I'm not sure. 
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  • No. Though I would consider getting a 'we're expecting' or pregnancy/maternity ornament.

  • I'll be buying "baby's first Christmas" stocking if it doesn't have a yr on it after Christmas and maybe an outfit or two cause I can resist a sale but otherwise nope.

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