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Hi ladies, I've been lurking for a week now while I have been in limbo hell. The gist: IVF #1, two embryos transferred, we got our BFP! At our 6 week ultrasound there was no yolk sac. Went back at 7 weeks, still no growth. My RE referred me to my OB and he wanted to wait another week before calling it. Today showed no growth and my hcg is decreasing. We decided on a d&c, but due to work (I'm not willing to miss work because of all the time I took off for IVF) we can't get in until December 10. I'll continue progesterone so that I don't miscarry naturally. I've had 2 weeks to prepare myself for this so surprisingly I have not cried today. I did enough of that over the last two weeks. Not sure where our journey will take us from here due to infertility and spending all of our money on IVF.

Married 12/4/12

Began TTC 11/2012

Diagnosed as anovulatory 7/2013

Round #1 Clomid 50 mg 8/2013= BFN

Round#2 Clomid 50 mg 9/2013=BFN

First appointment with RE 9/27/2013

HSG showed left tube completely blocked, diagnosed with hypothyroid and began 50 mcg Synthroid, Vitamin D level low and began 2000 iu Vitamin D, Hubby's SA showed "super sperm" according to RE

Round#3 Clomid 50 mg + Ovidrel trigger 10/2013= BFN

Round #4 Clomid 50 mg + Ovidrel trigger 11/2013=BFN

Round #5 Clomid 50 mg (no trigger, on vacation) 12/2012= BFN

Round #1 Femara 2.5 mg, no trigger, IUI cancelled due to early ovulation 1/2014= BFN

1/25/2014= BENCHED for the first time (two leftover follies on the right)

2/7/14 Diagnosed with MTHFR/Benched

4/2014 Round #2 Femara 5mg, IUI #1=BFN

4/28/14 positive opk with no treatment while on break, confirmed with ultrasound= BFN

5/16/14 5mg Femara + trigger + TI=  BFN

6/2014 5mg Femara + trigger + TI= BFN

Awaiting IVF consultation appointment on 7/29/2014

8/8/14 Began BCP's to prep for IVF

9/16/14 Began Lupron injections

9/25/14 Began stimming for IVF #1 with Menopur and Bravelle

10/8/14 10 eggs retrieved

10/13/14 2 embryos transferred

10/21/14 BFP!!!

11/24/14 confirmed that baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, d&c scheduled 

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  • I am so sorry.

    Me: 31 DH: 36
    Dated Since ‘02, Married in ‘06
    BFP#1 05/16/06, EDD01/16/07, MC 06/12/06 at 8 weeks
    BFP #2 08/14/14, EDD 04/22/15, MC 09/17/14 at 9 weeks


     My Chart

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  • I'm so sorry. Good luck with the d&c, this limbo has to be hard *hug*
    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

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  • I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you're going through. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs**
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. 
    Son: Jackson, 11/02/06, stillborn due to PPROM and IUGR. Over the next ten years we had 9 miscarriages from 8-14 weeks. On May 18, 2016 my daughter, Ridley, was born. We're OADNBC.
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