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saturday smiles

Whats got you smiling today?

Hanging out with bentley this morning has got me smiling. He alternates between cuddling on my lap getting down to pet the cat and going and getting pieces of dog food to eat.

Plus he has a new word. He says kitty now. This kid is awesome i love him.


Re: saturday smiles

  • Thursday night DD slept like shit. So I thought last night was going to be just as bad. But no, she fell asleep between 8/8:30 and BF and I fell asleep soon after. So I woke up at 5 and ended up deep cleaning my kitchen for 2 hours before DD woke up. And she's been super playful all morning. <3 <3
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  • I'm a little late...but I'm smiling about my wonderful mom making a run to McDonald's for me. I've been craving fries for days. Morning sickness hasn't stopped completely, so I'm not as mobile as I would like to be.
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