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I am sorry, I know that I don't post on here, but I can really use some help. My 3 year old son was recently diagnosed with autism. His dr wants him to have ABA therapy in addition to the therapy he gets at school. I don't really have an idea of what this is except that it is for his behavior. I am also having a hard time trying to find a place that does this therapy. I live in a small town in southern Virginia and there aren't many options unless you drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated? TIA

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  • Welcome. DD travels an hour each way for her ABA school and it is so worth it. Last year we were able to do it in town with a small local ABA group. It is for behavior but many ABA teams use VB-Mapp when working eith the littles which includes speech milestones, and social milestones (waving hi and bye for example). ABA can be amazing but there is a great deal of variety between providers so the specifics will vary by provider. For example, our awesome team from last year does a blend of floortime and ABA lots of playing that are hidden set ups to work on specific goals mixed in with ABA work. This year at school its a little more traditional with table work DTS (discrete trials) but she is in a achools so this is mixed in with circle time, centers, recess (2x), gross motor group ( adaptive PE type class working on group play and physical play skills), nap, linch and snacks. DD has responded incredibly well to ABA and has made wonderful progress. Here is a youtube series that discusses ABA and breaks it down i to it's various elements.
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  • Welcome to our board!

    We had an ABA provider that had the ABA trainer come to our home and we live in the middle of nowhere in a small city with surrounding farm lands. In this way it was good for us because the actual center was 30-40 minutes away and gas is never cheap. Our insurance was pretty strict with service and it had to be at the home. Other insurances may allow off home site service such as working on behavior at the store, church or any out of home experience.

    On here I have heard that some of the bumpies from this board had to go to a center for ABA service. I like the sound of an ABA school but there are none here.
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  • Thanks everyone. I have found out that there are only two places in reasonable driving distance for us. One is currently full(which is the place where we would love to go) The other is a private school only that we can't afford. 

    He has been going to public school special education class since mid-August and we have seen great improvement. He gets speech and they are now starting the paper work for ot. 

    The problem now is going through all of these waivers that they want us to try for so that it will pay for his therapy. So we shall see.
    Thanks again
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