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suddenly carrying low..


my name is Kendall and i'm a FTM with my husband (his first too!).. i'm 20 weeks tomorrow and i am having a baby girl.. she is due 4/8/2015.. i have a question about out of nowhere carrying much lower than i usually have been.. i googled and lurked other threads on multiple sites but the discussions only have to do with carrying low and delivering early or predicting the baby's sex.. i'm just uneasy about suddenly today having her really low in my belly.. it's like she is laying in the front of my stomach.. but i can't even feel her kick let alone know where she is laying in there.. i don't know i just would like to know if anyone else had their baby move somewhere and it was very obvious... i totally know you aren't a doctor buuut maybe have had the same happen to you?


thank you for the help.. just wondering!

Re: suddenly carrying low..

  • The way you are carrying with nothing to do with preterm labor. Your baby will drop even more then, so mush so that your OB will be able to feel the head. All pregnancies are different and the way you carry means nothing.
  • Thank you both so much for replying! I seriously am just worrying over every tiny thing.. this pregnancy stuff is quite nerve wrecking! Ive just got no idea what to expect or how to know whats a good thing and whats weird.. its just today it seems like she totally moved to the front and has been laying low all day.. my mom said my belly will take many shapes throughout but still this is just all so new..

    Again thank you:) it was nice to see some input<3
  • Try not to worry so much. Remember you are pregnant not made of glass. You really don't need to change much of anything you were doing before you got pregnant.
    You're welcome! Wishing you a heathy and happy remainder of your pregnancy!
  • Like PPs have said, this is normal.  She'll likely change position again soon.  Or maybe she just likes being where she is and has found a comfy spot to chill in until she runs out of room.  My son preferred being high and was always at the top of my uterus the entire pregnancy.  This one likes to be super low, almost curled in in my pelvis which is extremely uncomfortable and totally different than what I was used to.  But still totally normal.

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  • The shape of my bump changes as well! My midwife says that's normal and somedays you will have small bump days! Try not to worry.
  • it's just so weird because my bump has been small and then all of a sudden yesterday i had like an intertube where my belly button is.. i felt like i was wearing a floatation device haha.. she seemed to have moved a little further up as the night went on.. this is just some crazy stuff! i'm glad you guys are here to reassure me and give me some good vibes:]
  • Yea, every woman carries totally different.  With my son I carried high and with this baby (a little girl) I'm carrying her low.  I think it just has to do with how baby is laying and how your uterus is positioned.  
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  • Carried all over the place.  Both of my kids moved around and my belly changed from one day to the next. 
    image      image

  • thank you thank you thank you! you ladies have made me feel really a lot better about this.. my stomach filled back out (like baby was where she was previously).. just that day made me feel like she sort of sunk to the bottom (if that's even possible).. i feel like she is a little fish in a bellyquarium haha.. so it was weird buuuut i felt the first kicks yesterday on the outside! it was so weird.. and very very low down.. what an odd sensation.


    you ladies are seriously awesome!

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