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UppaBaby & Orbit Baby Systems

Anyone have an UppaBaby Mesa car seat and Cruz travel system or an Orbit Baby travel system? We're tying to decide if we should shell out the money for expensive expandable systems (for next baby) or if we should just get something from Babies R Us. These two in particular really look great to us. DH likes that the Orbit Baby can turn around so I'm not banging the car seat against the side of the car, and I love the cheap(er) price point of the UppaBaby Cruz. We like how both have a one handed fold flat feature and that they're both expandable for more children. Any thoughts?

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  • We have the uppababy vista and love it. You can add a second seat and a boogie board that my daughter (age 4) loves. I like the idea of the orbit but when we were buying car seats consumer reports put out a warning that the orbit car seats were not safe. I am sure changes have been made but that will always taint my view.
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  • We were actually between the uppa vista/mesa system and the orbit.  Decided on Uppa.  The carseat for the orbit is very heavy.  Also you have to buy everything separately.  At BBB they even pushed us towards the lesser priced Uppa saying that the orbit 3 wasn't really worth the money.  We are actually getting the new vista 2015 version.  They improved the fold and the sibling seat has more features now. I also liked the fact that the uppa's bassinet is approved for newborn sleeping.  We actually got the bassinet holder and little man can sleep in that next to our bed and we don't have to buy a separate bassinet.
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  • We got the vista. I personally don't see the big deal about the orbit
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  • Starscream I think that might be what's drawing me to the UppaBaby. The basket is so much larger compared to the Orbit Baby. DH bought me a beautiful new Coach diaper bag a few weeks ago and I don't want to have to shove it into that little bag under the Orbit Baby. 
  • Janda I certainly can see the appeal of the Orbit Baby. I'm pretty small and we're getting a new SUV in a couple of months. I don't have a ton of upper body strength and I don't want to be struggling to get the car seat in and out of the base while (accidentally) banging up the brand new car with the car seat. Since it rotates to the side we think it would solve that problem. 
  • We have used the Orbit system for 17 months, since we brought our DD home from the hospital. Yes, the infant car seat isn't the lightest on the market. But, it isn't that bad and th flexible handle makes it quite easy to use, much more so than a seat with a rigid handle. I'm a petite person, and not very strong. I managed just fine. At about 8 months, we stopped using the infant car seat and switched to the toddler car seat. We love the 360 degree rotation. I love not struggling to get her in and out of her seat because I can turn the seat toward me and not have to struggle with a wiggly toddler at an angle. It has a smooth ride and can power through anything. The bottom line for me is that the rotation is the reason you chose Orbit. Now that our baby is older, for day-to-day use we use the Bugaboo Bee. But we still use and love the toddler car seat. Baby 2 is due in April and we will use Orbit again.
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