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Wipe warmer??

Am going nuts with all the reviews i check so please ladies help me out my baby boy would be here in less than a month n am not sure if i should get him the wipe warmer or is just a waste of money where i live the weather is very cold but am not sure ???

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    I don't have one and my DD at first hated diaper changes but now she loves them. Wipe warmers are really a waste of money and is unnecessary.


  • Yeah i kind think the same its just my first baby am going nuts with all the baby items not sure what he really needs or not :-S
  • I have one and LO doesn't care at all when we're out and I use cold wipes or when I start a new pack and they aren't warm yet. I just think that it probably feels better warm than cold, so I still use it at home. But honestly, she never seems to care about the temperature of the wipe.

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