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Overweight and pregnant?

Ok i am 5'1 and just weighed in at 155! I have been eating healthy (once every 3 or 4 days i allow myself a reasonably sized sweet treat like frozen yogurt) and my job is very active. When i get home im cleaning up the house taking care of my son and walking the dog. Im not sure what i can do to not pack on too many pounds. I was told 35 lbs will still be ok for me to gain but my last pregnancy i gained 70! Do you have any suggestions?

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  • All you can do is eat healthy. You are not actually "eating for two ppl" you only add like a banana or glass of milk extra calories this early on.. Stay active. Other than that . there isn't much you can do. Sorry I know I'm not much help :/
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  • I am in almost the exact same boat! I am 5'0" and just weighed in at 150, the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life. I have been too tired to go to the gym lately, have been trying to eat healthy, and while I have a very active, physical job, I think the lack of actual exercise has been my problem. I have also been extremely constipated, and haven't gone in a few days. I have been eating veggies, drinking prune juice, taking colace and mild laxatives okayed by my dr, and have been chugging water, but who knows.

    I am really trying not to stress about it because my dr doesn't seem concerned, but I definitely feel ya. I am going to try to force myself to exercise regularly again, continue drinking fluids, and hope that the progression of my weight slows down...

    Also, my boobs are enormous and probably where most of my weight gain is living...oy...

    Thanks for initiating this discussion, and hopefully we aren't alone and others have some guidance!

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  • You are not alone!

    I am also overweight and pregnant. Tried to lose some weight before we tried for number 2 but here I am.

    I am 5'10 and 280 lbs. I am eating healthier now than before I was pregnant. And I am sick so picky eater as well.

    My doctor isn't concerned because my last pregnancy was perfect and so far everything is great, blood work, blood pressure all where it's supposed to be.  

    It just sucks being bigger and I look forward to getting down to a healthy weight once baby comes.

    Maternity clothes is the hardest for me. Not only am I plus sized but I am tall. Now, try to find tall and plus sized mat clothes, in Canada at that ha!

    Last pregnancy I got through by wearing my regular pants with a belly band.

    Love to have a place to come and talk to you ladies!
  • I am so happy someone started this thread. I am 5'4" and 180 pounds (which is actually considered obese). I too am concerned even though my dr told me I could still gain up to 35, the thought of being over 200 pounds is kind of scary. Maybe we could start a daily short workout routine just for ideas that we are still able to do as baby grows?
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  • Hey ladies. I am 5'6" and was 150 when I got pregnant with DS#1. I also gained 70 in my first pregnancy and started this pregnancy a little over 200. I just got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, so I'm hoping that tracking my food closer will help me not gain as much this time.

    Also, I'm trying to get to the gym 2-3 days a week for now. I'd love to go more now, but by the time my son is in bed by 7pm, I'm exhausted. I try to go after work, but my schedule doesn't always allow that.

    I try to drink water whenever I feel hungry and wait 20 mins. If I'm still hungry, I have a light snack.

    I've been keeping a food journal and prepping my meals for each day. Hopefully this will help me stay on track! Good Luck, ladies! We're in this together.


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  • Yup - I'm 5'8'' and 212 right now.  I started this pregnancy 5 lbs up from where I started my rpegnancy with DD.  I gained 22 lbs with DD... so I thought that was pretty good,but I have already gained 6lbs with this baby - I've been so sick to my stomach that crackers have been saving me.  I am hoping to stay under 30 lbs for this pregnacy, but I need to start watching it!  I have vowed to get down to my pre-marriage weight of 180 after this baby and got my husband on board for a gym membership and a diet once this kid arrives.  Just hang in there ladies... try to stay active and eat as healthy as possible.
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  • I am so happy you are all sharing your story! It makes me feel more at ease and i think together we can all do this! My fiance is really supportive and has been putting together healthy meals that i can eat all week since both of us have crazy schedules. My doc said everything looks fine and all is healthy just my weight could be better so i am assuming if thats my only concern im good. Please post any ideas or fun snacks/meals you enjoy! I would love more ideas!
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    I'm about 5'7". I was about 330 when I got pregnant and float between 3-6 pounds gained, depending on my level of constipation- HAHA! This is my first pregnancy.

    So far I've been good about sticking with my Mon-Fri pre-work gym routine. I've bumped the intensity down some, since I'm so tired all the time. I've been very fortunate in the m/s department so far. I just walked my first half marathon Saturday- let me tell you how glad I am to have that out of the way now! I'm super active, my problem has always been food. 

    My doc doesn't seem super concerned at the moment. Of course, she told me to watch carbs as a precautionary measure, but she's not ordering the glucose test any earlier. She will send me to a high risk u/s for the 20 week anatomy scan, but she said that's because we'll get a better picture. She has reassured me that she has been through many pregnancies with moms at my weight who have had perfectly normal, healthy pregnancies. This is one of the things I love so much about my OB, she doesn't automatically jump to the worst case scenario. 
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  • I'm 5'9 and currently 218. I don't weigh myself often so can't say what my starting weight was at. I'm still in the first trimester but I experienced a lot of ms. It has kinda went down a bit but I wasn't eating much during the first few weeks. I had the early glucose test at 9 weeks. Other than that, thats all to say.
  • I am 5'8" and about 252 pounds. I am currently 12 weeks and haven't gained any weight. I agree with a PP poster to stay as far away from the "I'm eating for 2" thinking as you can. My OB wants me to gain 15 pounds, not sure how that is going to work out! I think I read you really only need to eat 300 additional calories per day in the latter part of your pregnancy. So far, I have been trying to eat small portions often as opposed to large meals. I agree with all of the other advice as well. So far, my pregnancy has been normal even though I have pre existing high blood pressure.
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    I am also overweight and pregnant. But scary for me, I am losing weight (again). I was trying to lose weight before getting pregnant a second time, but I actually have slowed my exercise due to snow and exhaustion. Most people would love this but it actually scares me since that can cause problems for baby if not monitored closely.
  • I had lost about 10lbs before getting pregnant but I had to stop weighing myself because it makes me sad haha. I'm 5'7 and weighed in at 235lbs last appt. I was fairly active for a period of time and then just kinda got lazy. I had only been able to stomach all carbs for the past 5-6 weeks, so I'm hoping, once I ease on in to 2nd tri, I can go back to eating my salads and fruits. Also hoping that once baby comes and things settle down a bit, I can get back into my workout routine. I'm too exhausted to do anything - I can barely handle a walk down the block with the dog.
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  • I'm 5'4" and about 160lbs. My OB isn't too concerned, but did hint at trying to be more active as soon as I start feeling better; plus cutting out most carbs and adding meat in order to help prevent GD. I took that as, "you're fat and need to address it asap," but that thinking could be hormones /insecurity. :-/
  • I am overweight as well. I'm 5'4 and 187, my midwife hasn't mentioned my weight yet but it makes me really nervous. I haven't gained any weight yet so hopefully once I start it's slow and steady. I gained 45 lbs last time (started at 170) so I'm hoping I can keep it at 30-35 this time.
  • Same boat! I've been a nervous wreck
  • I'm 5'6'' and 200. I hate that number but I'm too exhausted to work out. I'm not concerned about it now. BP and bloodwork checks out. 
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  • I'm 5'6" or 5' 7", basically I'm in between.  I weighed 194 when I got pregnant.  I'm not happy with my weight but it is what it is.  Well I gained 6 pounds and hit the 200 mark and they sent me for my gestational diabetes test at ten weeks.  I failed so have that diagnosis now.  Fun.  However ever since I got a glucose meter I have kept really great track of my sugar and haven't had any bad numbers.  I'm excited to show that I can control this with my diet bc my doctor is out and her nurse has been a royal B about all of this.  She even told my on the phone as a side comment that I "probably already had diabetes anyway".  So since I started my self imposed and researched diabetes diet I've lost almost ten pounds.  I don't know if this is good or bad, but I'm certainly not starving myself.  I feel ten times better and I know I'm still overweight but I'm excited about using my diagnosis to get healthier.  Also they made me go for an eye exam and the eye doc said that my eyes look "pristine"!  She said there is no sign of any damage from diabetes and my vision is 20-15 which is better than I thought it was.  So at least I have one thing that is naturally excellent.  Everything else has been so damn hard!  

    Health care professionals really need to be more sensitive about this crap.  My doctor is an angel but I'm appalled at the way her nurse has talked to me since my doctor has been out.  I'm a pregnant woman, not an unreasonable child how about not using scare tactics on me?  Anyway, right there with all of you ladies!

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  • I am so glad to see this post.  I was NOT happy with my starting weight and was working on losing when I found out I was pregnant.  I'm 5'3 and currently 185.  I'm 11 weeks today and gained 5lbs.  I am finally starting to feel better but we are moving next week so the gym will be back in my life after Thanksgiving.  I'm hoping to really keep it at 20lbs or so...that I can handle. 
  • I'm 5'1" and started at 183.  Due to morning sickness I'm down to 169.  The same thing happened with DD.  Now I'm finally able to eat more than mashed potatoes and pasta so that's a plus and I'm going to try to get more protein into my diet so I don't gain too much.  I didn't hit my "oh shit" weight with DD and I'm going to try my hardest not to this time either.
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  • I'm 5'1' and 256lbs, currently 10w6d and I've bounced back and forth between +/- 3 pounds. I the majority of my weight in my belly to begin with, so I'm definately not feeling overly excited these days. The other night I kinda had a pitty party cuz I'll never be that "cute pregnant" girl, or have cute maternity pictures and won't even look pregnant until the end. I try and watch what I eat and I have every intention on continuing the little bit of working out I was doing prior to pregnancy but I've been so exhausted and sick. I'm hoping the 2nd trimester will be better and I can get a bit more active. Nothing I can do besides watching what I eat and stay the healthiest I can.
  • @kales0719 I hear ya on the clothes and the bump. Certainly makes my wallet happy, though.
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  • It's good to know I'm not the only one :)
  • I am there too. My dr is already pretty concerned about my weight and I gained 5 pounds since my last appointment so I know I will be getting a stern talking to. With working 8-5 and having a 22 month old it's hard getting to the gym just to walk. Hoping we can find time and get a gym membership because I know from last time being out of shape makes labor harder for me.
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  • @luvindanimals how's the weather where you're at? Can you take a walk down your street with your son? It would probably help you both- wear him out a little and get you some steps in. Most doctors will tell you walking is the best thing since sliced bread. But I know, in the states at least, a lot of people are getting hammered with some early winter weather. We're not even breaking 40 here in VA today, so I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to go outside if were in one of those places!
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  • We walk everyday, i have been taking him to the park more frequently too! Im wondering if i am taking in a lot of sodium and not realizing it because thats the only thing i can think of at this point
  • I'm with you ladies! I too am overweight and doing my best to keep my weight in check with this pregnancy. With my first I gained 50# (and worked at a bakery surrounded with temptation 5 days a week). I did not get GD thankfully, and have a healthy child. I was in the mindset of "I'm pregnant and will eat what I want," the first go around. I will NOT do that again! Here's to willpower and healthy pregnancies!!
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