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Tricare and Elective Inductions

Hi ladies - question for those under Tricare Prime. 

My husband and I are due to PCS from Fort Huachuca to Drum and just received orders that constitute a move-out date of December 18th. I'm currently due December 12th, and my though we filed for a deferment, it was denied. My OB is not comfortable with either me or the baby traveling so soon after delivery - especially as it will be 6 days even if baby IS 100% on time. He's recommending a scheduled induction for the 1st of December, but I was wondering whether any of you happened to know whether Tricare Prime covers elective inductions?

Thanks so much!

Re: Tricare and Elective Inductions

  • They do.  However, please keep in mind that more than half of all inductions end in c section.  If that happens, you more than likely won't be traveling by Dec 18th.  
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  • Thank you. We did look, but we didn't see it. My OB has scheduled a mandatory induction.
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