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cat naps?

My daughter just turned 3 months and is in the lovely cat nap phase.....lasts 20-30 minutes....ugh....anyone else going/g through this?  How long did it last?  Suggestions?  She sleeps up to 10 hours at night, eats and go back to sleep for a bit. so I can't complain about that, but she's obviously tired with these cat naps.

Re: cat naps?

  • My LO is 4.5 months and has always slept long hours during the night (up to 11 hours), but has never napped long (20-30 min). Pedi is aware and said its totally normal for just cat naps if a baby is sleeping through the night.  They are getting the same amount of sleep in 24 hours as a baby who naps longer, but won't sleep through the night!  
  • Yep, my lo is famous for her cat naps. She also will only take naps in her swing at home but naps longer and in a pack and play at daycare. 

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  • DS is 4.5 months as well and does the same thing. Gets around 9 hours at night and the does 20 minute naps during the day. Depending on the day I can get a decent length nap out of him though. He seems perfectly happy with this routine though.

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