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Blended Family question!!! I need opinions.

I have been in my stepdaughters life since she was 4 and she lives 2.5 hours away.

Her father visits her weekly and she stays with us in the summer and holidays.

Recently she has been acting jelous of her 4 month old brother. Has anyonelse experienced this? Recommendations on coping?

Re: Blended Family question!!! I need opinions.

  • I'm not in this situation, but I grew up with a stepfather and a half sibling. My stepfather was in my life since I was two and my brother was one. My mom didn't have our half brother until I was 9.
    When he was born I was jealous as any sibling would be, but also because I felt less important to my stepfather now that he had his "own" child. Everything was about my little brother and how important he was to my parents. It was hard in us both and only harder because my parents weren't understanding and yelled at us for acting jealous. We were upset because we thought he got things we didn't and we were lacking some attention.
    You didn't say much so I wasn't sure how you felt about her feelings, but take it easy on her. Understand what she's going through and the thoughts going through her mind. Family dynamics are hard when it is a stepfamily situation.
  • Okay thank you! I'll look there!
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