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What do you guys think of this air purifier?

My friends have been saying I need one I need one, so after some searching I found one through a facebook discount offer post. It looks really nice for $199.99. What do you guys think? Some people said they are noisy and wakes the baby up at times but this video showed the sound and it seems fairly quiet. http://go-clair.com/pages/clair-bf2025-sound-test.


The main site at http://go-clair.com has it for 219.99 but the facebook post offer had it for $20 off which I dont think its too bad. Should I go for it?

Re: What do you guys think of this air purifier?

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    I like the design .Its very contemporary ! Would blend in perfectly with any home decor .
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  • Just dropped by to say Thanks . .

    I ordered these Clair air purifiers after coming across your post and reading  few of those positive online reviews . My SO did a mini online research on air purifiers and figured out Clair air purifiers are the only air purifiers in the market which can capture dust,dander and even influenza virus since it has some new e2f filter technology. I went ahead and ordered one before the price gets steeper (*btw looks like this is  an introductory price  $159 is very cheap for something so innovative ) .My room feels fresher and the room is less dusty.
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