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What happened to sleeping through the night?!!!'

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My LO has been a pretty decent sleeper since day one. He is 5 1/2 months and had his first tooth come in this past weekend. His sleep went a little crazy during this. Shouldn't he be going back to better sleeping again?

He doesn't want tosleep in his crib anymore. He also only wants to sleep with me and mostly in me. He is also waking up a lot through the night and also eating sometimes! He hasn't done that in the longest time.
On top of that, he scratches his forehead when he's mad and he's all scratched up when we get up. Maybe there's more to it.

I'm lost and don't know what to do and didn't see a sleep board.

Re: What happened to sleeping through the night?!!!'

  • My LO is 5 MO and a few weeks ago, started waking up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes he wants a bottle and sometimes he just wants to be rocked back to sleep.  I wish I had the answer but I can only commiserate.  I don't know when he will get back to sleeping through the night.  If anyone has any advice, please share.  Thanks.
  • Babies aren't robots.  If they slept through the night once that isn't a guarantee they'll do it forever.  I My DD will be in 4 in January and sometimes she still wakes up and when I ask what's wrong she really has no answer other than she wants me.  So I lay with her and hold her as needed.  Simple and effective.  

    Your LO is still very young and teething can be very tough on kids.  Give Tylenol if you think it will soothe.  But snuggling and hugs and even feeding is probably what he needs for now.  He'll get over this phase soon enough.  
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  • Just when you think your child has fallen into a good sleep routine, they throw you a curveball. Especially at this age. Expect it to happen over and over until... well, I don't know when.

    If he's been sleeping with you and on you (and eating), it's normal for him to only want to do that now because it's become a habit. 
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  • Thanks everyone. Obviously I expect him to wake up sometimes and not sleep perfectly. This has just been consistent so I wasn't sure what was bothering him and what to try other than what I am doing.
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