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NBR: book recommendations

I travel frequently for work and have gotten really into audiobooks! This month audible has a special going where if you purchase four audiobooks you get $10 off. I know that's not actually that great of a deal, but I'll use them eventually.

So, J15, what are your book recommendations? My most recent reads are Gone Girl, The Husband's Secret and Orange is the New Black.

And...go! TIA!
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Re: NBR: book recommendations

  • Thanks! I'll have to check both of those out. :)
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  • I am ridiculously obsessed with Serial.
    housewifebecomesher[Deleted User]
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  • I still haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey :/ 
    I need to get back into reading... 
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  • I really liked all of your previous reads. I read everything by Liane Moriarty & Gillian Flynn after reading those. Also like Jodi Picoult, Anna Maxted...
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  • Thanks! I'm working on Dark Places right now. It's a bit gory but hard to "put down." I now listen to my audiobooks on the 5 minute drive to daycare just to "read" a little more.
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  • I am a HUGE audible fan. It's the only way I get anything done. The Husbands Secret is great- and so is all the other Lianne Moriartys. Try What Alice Forgot next.



  • amnat84 said:

    Not an audiobook, but everyone I know seems to be obsessed with the podcast Serial. Going to download it for my commute.

    Have you read the Comoran strike series by Robert Galbraith (aka jk Rowling). Both books are excellent

    Did silkworm bother you? It seemed like JK was throwing all her goriest thoughts into it. I enjoyed Cuckoos but wasn't big on Silkworm. Although I will undoubtably read the next one...

    Did you read The Casual Vacancy?



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