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Anyone take depression pills during pregnancy?

I suffer from depression and stopped taking my medication once I found out I was pregnant. But my lows have been so bad my doctor put me on 50 mg of zoloft at 18 weeks. Has anyone else dealt with this and what was the outcome? It makes me very nervous.

Re: Anyone take depression pills during pregnancy?

  • I'm taking Prozac. My Dr said it's much better to take care of the problem rather than let it continue without help. Minimal effects on the baby. The baby may need to stay in the nicu the first night as she will have withdrawal from it but other than that, no issues. . There are very rare cases of the baby developing some type of hypertension I believe she said
  • Im on prozac and its better to dealwith it then not take meds, your dr knows best. I was also on antidepressants with my first daughter and she was completely healthy
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  • I'm on 50 mgs of Serequel to help control my mind racing/anxiety.  I was diagnosed with PPD/PPA after my son and the anxiety stuff has never gone away.  My psychiatrist feels it is best I stay on it and so far everything has been normal.  I've seen a high-risk doctor and had an u/s and baby was normal.  Of course I'm still nervous about it, but if i was anxious, depressed and not sleeping it would harm the baby.  Good luck to you all and we need to all keep each other posted.   
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  • I took Wellbutrin for 7 years before we got pregnant. I did make it a point to get off of them before we got pregnant. But, my doctor told me that Zoloft and Prozac are considered "safe" during pregnancy. Ultimately, your doctor wouldn't do it if it wasn't considered safe and its bad for you to feel depressed or stressed about that while pregnant.

    Just enjoy pregnancy, everything will be ok!


  • I take Wellbutrin and Lamictal.
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  • I wondered about this too.  I was on Prozac and quit as soon as I got pregnant.  I am 17 weeks now and have been noticing lately I can't control my emotions, sob at the drop of a hat and get real angry really easy.  I'm on the fence as whether or not to start again :(
  • I've been taking 50mg of zoloft since the very beginning. Both my psychiatrist and my OB do not think there is any issue with this.

    I haven't had any complications so far, so I think it's better to treat the depression than to go without it. =)

  • I did years ago and i had 3 miscarriages back to back to back
  • I did years ago and i had 3 miscarriages back to back to back
    Whoa @tiffany1884 are you saying that taking meds made you have a miscarriage? Did you have testing done?  Do you have factual evidence that that was the cause?  

    I've been on medication for over 20 years.  Currently on prozac, lamictal, and zyprexa.  No issues and have several doctors monitoring saying everything is perfectly safe.  Many drugs like prozac and zoloft have been on the market for decades and have had several FDA, NIH, and other serious studies done.  
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  • @tiffany1884 I Also had a miscarriage while I was taking medication and I assume that was the reason. So this time as soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking everything. I will suck it up as long as possible. My doctor is aware of my past and issues that I'm currently having. He said he feels safe putting me on Meds at 20 Weeks but honestly I'm going to try to wait till after baby is born.
  • Im on prozac and am having a healthy pregnancy so far.  As a few other ladies have said, the Dr prefers me on it and taking care of myself (having the energy and spirits to cook healthy, eat healthy, get off the couch once in a while...) rather than feeling down and not wanting to do anything.
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  • Every person is different when it comes to their meds. Staying on them or coming off of them during pregnancy is ultimately something that you should talk about with your doctor. I don't think there are definitive links from meds to miscarriages. If anything, they worry about medication during pregnancy for the brain development. However, there are anti-depressants and meds of that nature which are approved for pregnancy.

    I don't thnk that you can chalk up a miscarriage to those meds and in the end, moms health (both physical and psychological) is the MOST important. If you start feeling depressed and such while pregnant, that can also have a detrimental effect on your baby.

    Obviously there are people who have been on multiple drugs and had perfectly healthy children....


  • jmgreco87- I suffer from anxiety and was on 15mg of Paxil for 8 years.  When we started trying I went off all meds and it was the worst thing I could do. I consulted my doctor and she suggested Zoloft or Prozac.  I have been taking 37.5 mg of Zoloft since April and conceived in June after 1.5 years of trying.  The doctor says Im doing great!  

    @tiffany1884 I believe if you are going to make such a bold statement, you should definitely back it up with supporting facts. You are just going to make an expecting mother more nervous than she already is...

  • I'm on 40mg of Celexa for Panic Disorder. It is better to treat the anxiety/depression than put you and your child through it. My PCP said he used to work in L&D. He said that he's never seen issues with babies because of anti-depressants. As long as you talk to your doctor and find one that is generally considered safe, you and baby should be fine. I could not focus on having a healthy pregnancy or coping with all the issues that come with pregnancy if I'm nursing panic attacks every day. 

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  • My mother took Zoloft with my youngest sister the entire time she was pregnant. My sister is the most level headed, sweet, considerate one of all of us kids. Mom taking Zoloft had NO ill effects on my sister whatsoever. She's 16 now and perfectly wonderful. (Hope this helps ease the worry a bit.)
  • Anyone continue to take xanax? My ob advised against it and so did my psychiatrist, yet some days the aniexty really acts up. Of course, much of the anxiety I'd probably due to pregnancy.
  • As long as you are being properly monitored on medication approved by your psychiatrist and OB you should be fine. Before TTC I talked to my psychiatrist and my OB about the meds I was on (Seroquel high five, @Ardmhs83‌) while pregnant. They both referred me to a geneticist who said exactly what everyone else's doctors have said: it's ideal to be off all meds while pregnant, but severe anxiety/depression can often times be much worse than the prescribed medication.

    In my case my doctors and I made the decision to wean me off the meds and I'm so grateful that I've been doing pretty good up until this point. It is reassuring to me that I know if I need to go back on meds, it's not a bad thing at all.

    As long as you and baby are being closely monitored during your pregnancy you should be fine.

    P.S. Never once in our meeting did the geneticist say antidepressants/anxiety/psychotic can cause miscarriage, so please be careful giving out that information.
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  • My mfm and ob okayed xanax after first tri at .5 mg only as needed.
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