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I'm due with my first in about 3 days, wondering what to expect while birthing at Madigan...I hear it's such a great hospital but I've only had a 50/50 experience with them as far as being pleased with care or not. Mostly in the sense of bedside manner, it may be my hormones but it seems my last few appointments the staff has been having bad days. 

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  • I delivered with the midwives at Madigan and it was great! I had an induction and didn't care for my night nurse but the other nurses And doctors were absolutely amazing! The only terrible part was having to share a room the 2nd night...
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  • I'm 4 days overdue and they won't discuss induction with me until 42 weeks. :( I honestly wish I would have chosen a civilian doctor. :(
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  • I delivered at Madigan and had a great experience (well as good as you can have while having a baby) I was over due and at 42 wks when I came in for my induction which I honestly didn't mind since I had a pretty easy pregnancy and I didn't mind that my lil dude was in there just getting stronger. We (the hubby & I) got out our room and although it was night time and it seemed like I had over 5 nurses they were all helpful and nice when they checked up on me, as the night progress my contractions became more and more painful so I requested an epidural which that particular nurses was rude and somehow made the drug only affect one half of my body so I was basically still in pain. second shot was needed. After about 10-12 hours of labor I just didn't dialate more than 8 cm and my lil ones heart rate kept dropping and so in for a C-section we went.. I was terrified but now thinking back it wasn't as scary as I thought. we had our own room for I beleave it was 4 more days where my hubby had a sleeping chair I had a private bathroom and our lil stayed with us the whole time (our choice)

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