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Successful VBAC

I had a emergency section at 37 weeks with my first due to face presentation and high BP. Easy recovery, thankfully, but breastfeeding never worked out and I has severe ppd from losing control over every aspect of the birth I had planned for.

2.5 years later...successful vbac on July 23! I was induced with a foley bulb and pitocin so that my doctor could deliver me (she was headed out of town the following week on my due date). I had been at 1 cm 50 effaced for two weeks.

Got stadol twice before requesting an epidural around 6 cms.

At 3:40 am (12 hours after inducing) I delivered a healthy baby boy! Only a small tear that didn't require stitches.

His heart rate dropped once while laboring, I was rolled to my side and everything was normal again.

6 weeks in and breastfeeding is still going strong. We did skin to skin immediately after the birth for a whole hour. He latched right away.

It sounds really crunchy, but my VBAC was very healing. I was pretty traumatized by my first birth and the whole experience was exactly what I had expected/wanted with the first time!

Good luck ladies!

Oh and someone had asked about weight gain and VBACs....I gained 70 lbs withy first (whoa) and still had 30 lbs to lose when I was pregnant with my second. I only gained 40 lbs this time, but was still at the same very high weight when I delivered. I don't think my weight or weight gain played any part in my VBAC. No high BP this time either!
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