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Purchasing baby items early?

Hubby and I are guilty of it. We are almost 11 weeks along, and have already purchased the crib, change table, bath, high chair, monitor and playpen. All were on sale and the brands we wanted. Has anyone started buying baby stuff yet? Or am I just being crazy since it's too early?

Re: Purchasing baby items early?

  • I've bought clothes, a monitor and some bottle because they were good deals.  I don't think it is too early!  We are excited mamas!
  • I don't think it's crazy, I get it! Ok excited too! I'm going to try to wait until after my baby showers to buy stuff though, just in case someone gets it off the registry.
  • We got our crib and chest when I was around 6w our first time around. They were a great deal and even if something had happened, we would've tried again for a baby.

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  • I bought a maternity winter coat but refuse to take the tags off of it until after my US next tuesday.  

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  • I bought a few maternity dresses bc they were on clearance, but nothing specifically for the baby.
  • I'm thinking about purchasing the crib and changing table this weekend. I can't imagine anyone would spend that kind of money for a gift anywho. I was thinking of checking out babies are us. Any suggestions ladies?
  • Do what feels right for you. I probably won't purchase anything until 3rd trimester, after the baby shower. The big items will be going on the registry even though we don't expect them to be gifted to us. It's really just so we can get the completion discount when we do get them.

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  • I'm going with the theory that if I get a great deal on something, I'm buying it.  My mom found the Graco swing/bouncer I wanted at a consignment shop for over half off and she bought that for us.  I bought some maternity capris and tanks because they were all on clearance for under $4.  I plan on looking at Black Friday deals, too.
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    Here's a few tips from the stuff we bought for DS:

    WalMart usually offers package deals of a crib, mattress, and changing table.  We got the Graco Sarah, mattress, and matching changing table for like $200.  

    Also, pay attention in the spring when patterns and designs get discontinued.  We got a Chicco Travel System for half price and a PNP for $40, all b/c that pattern was being discontinued.  

    Keep an eye out at consignment shops for deals.  One in our area gets a lot of overstocks from BRU and Target.  We got a brand new in the box FP Cradle Swing for cheap and even bought our Chicco Nextfits convertible car seats for $200/each brand new in the box.  
  • If you find a good deal, go for it!
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  • We're planning to figure some of the big items we want (crib, stroller, etc) and shop Black Friday for any amazing deals we see. If we don't see anything really good though we will probably wait until much closer or as things go on sale (@kikicohen thanks for the tip about spring!)
  • I'll probably buy something little like a blanket or onesie after our first ultrasound... everything else, not until closer to the third trimester mostly for the fact that we don't have a lot of space to work with. 

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  • We want to soo badly but we will probably wait until after the 2nd tri or maybe when we go in the second appt and actually hear the heartbeat :)
  • My DH would have turned both our spare rooms into nurseries, one for a boy and one for a girl, by now if I'd let him! I'm def more open to it now that I've seen the heartbeat, but still trying to wait till the first tri is over. Except for clothes for myself...I no longer wear pants of any kind except yoga, so I did a stock up on those in a bigger size and bought a bigger winter coat because it was on a good sale.
  • We are gonna see if there are any good Black Friday deals on the bigger items
  • I think buying those high ticket items early is such a smart idea! You won't have to worry about it now. I bought my son's bedroom furniture from jcpenny and plan on doing the same with this one.
  • I don't think it's early esp if you are searching for deals
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    Probably gonna buy lil things for now. Sleepers. towels socks mitten etc. when we find the sex out then would shop a lil more so sec tri :)
  • We don't need much since this is number two but thought I'd keep my eyes open around Boxing Day sales for double strollers/toddler beds.
  • I think I will be buying small things like in the second tri
  • I'm waiting until after Christmas to start getting things. What's going to be the nursery is acting as an office/library and it's going to be a huge chore to convert it. I don't want to store things in the meantime since we'll be having lots of friends staying here around the holidays and space is at a premium.

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  • I'm only 7 weeks but I bought a unisex sleep sack set and a hat set by carter's.
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  • I bought a double stroller six months ago and I only have one baby.  I'm a craigslist freak though.
  • I'm not buying really anything until I'm a)done with the first trimester and b) know if it's a boy or a girl. The only thing I've purchased are a pair of cream colored Ugg baby booties to use for a pregnancy announcement pic and I didn't even like purchasing those at 7 weeks along. I was planning on getting them after Thanksgiving but when I realized they were totally sold out at Nordstrom, I thought that I better jump on the ones at Zappos.
  • We've started buying wall decor and a dresser for the soon to be nursery! It was guest room before and we kept it sparse because we knew we would want it for the nursery one day. I also just bought my first maternity top - haven't gained any weight yet but it was so cute and on sale! Our 12 wk appt is on Nov 21st so I'm sure we will start buying some of the big items this winter. I'm not a big fan of showers, I like the idea of celebrating with friends and family but I don't want them to think we expect anything from them, other than their love and support. That's enough for me!!
  • We haven't purchased anything for the baby specifically yet. I had to buy a couple pairs of pants but that's it pregnancy related. We have done some looking at BRU just so my H could mess with the strollers and carriers and do some price checking on larger items around the web. We have a friend that is selling us some of her baby items for cheap but we weren't sure on the car seat.

    I cannot WAIT to start on the nursery but we a) don't know the sex yet and b) we close on our house in 2 weeks so once we are all moved in, then I'll start looking at furniture type items.

  • We haven't bought anything specifically for the baby. We did get paint samples yesterday though! I want to start painting. Lol (we are doing gray/grey for a boy or a girl!)

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  • Nothing purchased...lots of online research and I did search out cribs in HOM furniture this weekend. I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts!  I was originally thinking black Friday would be a GREAT opportunity to get deals on the big items- which the H insists on.  I've seen a heartbeat...but I'm not sure if when black Friday comes around if I'll have the guts to go shop.  I haven't told any family members, so I'm not sure who I would go shop with either. (not to mention I dislike this day so much anyway hahahahah).  

    I have been pouring over paint colors though...and going for grey too!  Regardless of sex.
  • We'll be waiting until the second/third TRI even tho we saw the HB. We got some stuff with our little angel and ended up donating it bc it was too painful to keep.
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  • Thankfully I have a lot of friends and family members looking out for us. Right now - we have a car seat/stroller travel system, a bassinet, an exersaucer (brand new - friend of a friend received it as a shower gift but lives in a tiny condo) and various clothes (no matter what sex the baby is). We officially waited until I had my dating ultrasound (at 6 weeks) and confirmed a fetal heartbeat before going ahead but as others have mentioned - even if 'something happened' we would still keep it in mind for future young ones.
  • I bought a breastfeeding pillow. It was on sale. I have trash bags full og baby clothes I need to sort through. I will wait to see if I will have a shower befor buying anything major. I didnt keep anything from my other children but my sister has been secreatly keeping things ( the bags I have to sort through)
  • We are considering moving into a bigger house sometime in the new few months so I will probably wait til we know for sure.
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  • We're going to set up a registry soon. I suspect people are going to want to get us baby stuff for Christmas. I have mixed feelings about having our last Christmas as just the two of us be baby-centric, but we need all the help we can get, so beggars can't be choosers!
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  • We won't be purchasing much (if anything) until after we have showers. We had quite an extensive struggle to get pregnant so I want to wait until much later to invest a lot. But I say, to each his own! If you are comfy and excited - go crazy! 
  • My pregnancy still isn't feeling real, so when my husband and I were at the mall we stopped in at pottery barn kids for fun. The theme for the nursery is going to be elephants (my favorite animal), and I saw a super cute stuffed elephant. My husband surprised me and bought it and I'm so glad he did. I now associate that elephant with the baby and have a physical reminder about the baby until the ultrasound next week. It sits on my night stand and I cuddle with it. So excited about my baby to be!
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    We have a bought a few clothing items (sports teams, so gender neutral) but nothing else. My first US is Friday, so after we hear a heartbeat I may buy some other small things if they are a good deal. But I won't buy much until 2nd tri and after we know the gender.


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  • We haven't bought anything yet, probably going to wait until third trimester :)
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