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Slow weight gain?

Anyone have a baby who is gaining weight, but slowly?  My daughter gained a pound in a week when she was 1 weeksold and then a pound in 2 weeks when she was a month old...then only a pound in a month when she was 2 months she is just over 3 months and really has only gained a pound again.  Dr. didn't seem concerned, she was happy.  I am just used to my boys that grew SOOOO fast the first few months.....I breastfed my boys and also with my DD. She nurses fine and sleeps through the night.  I know all are different but makes me worried...she's rolling and stuff and meeting milestones so I guess I shouldn't worry.  It's just worrisome when you see so many others gaining so fast.

Re: Slow weight gain?

  • My son is putting a lb a month for the most part we are 5 1/2 months and just over 13 lbs
  • My DD is just shy of 5 months old and currently her weight is in the 1st percentile. When she was born she weighed 6lbs 9.5oz and dropped to 5lbs 10.5oz by 4 days old.  We were going to her ped every other day until she gained half an ounce. Given her history I would assume that her ped would let us know if she wasn't gaining enough (at just shy of 5 months she weighs 11lbs 5oz). As long as your DD isn't lathargic and seems to be alert and getting enough to eat I wouldn't worry about her slow gain.
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  • Thanks.  Yeah she's alert, meeting milestones and is happy.  I just need not to compare her to my boys. 
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