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Naptime/Bedtime troubleshooting

What do you ladies do when it's nap/bed time for your little one but they won't sleep; or if they only sleep half as long as they should be? We had a rough start with our little girl (4 weeks old now!) because she wasn't getting enough rest and would get over tired. We're trying to keep a schedule to some degree to make sure she has enough quiet time to rest but I'm not sure what to do when she isn't sleeping. Do we keep going in to soothe her but leave her in her crib or should we take her out and have some extra playtime? I've been reading the Moms on Call book and taking some scheduling cues from them but it doesn't really say what to do if your kid isn't sleeping during the naptimes. Any ideas? What's worked for you? Thanks!!!

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    Personally, I wanted to have a schedule for DS so bad, but I found it much easier to just feed on demand and let him fall asleep when he wants to. I try to keep him awake as possible during feeds, so he gets the most out of it and sleeps longer. I also swaddle and rock him to sleep, and I always try to make sure he goes down with a clean diaper. Also, after a feeding, I try to keep him upright on my chest for about 20 mins, then I swaddle and rock him for another 10 or so. That helps with any gas issues he may have. If all else fails, I make sure the room is dark and quiet and if he is over tired, I just pat his butt while holding him and that seems to do the trick for us.

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  • ^^^ That's pretty much what I do as well. Anything to get her to sleep. I've spent several hours sacrificing my sleep for hers by holding her, patting her, rocking her, etc. while she sleeps because I knew if I stopped she'd wake and often fuss. It got better. There are days when we have to do this and there are days when we don't.
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  •  I'd take her out and just keep her near you, doing whatever you'd normally do. My babies loved to hang out in the bouncy chair or whatever, near the family activity-and they'd doze off when they were ready. I mean I'd look over and their eyes would be closed :)
  • I use moms on call also - do you try to quiet her down 3 times? I've had a really hard time with the last nap of the day (515-7) and have had to use my ergo around the house for that last hour. She's not into her swing or bouncer right now.

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  • My DD is just a short napper (45 mins at a time) and has been since she was a newborn. Some babies just are. It will be okay if you get her into a good rhythm of awake for an hour or a bit more, nap, awake again for an hour or a bit more, nap ... All day long.
  • I also use the Ergo for last nap of the day. Another trick I just figured out is to put a blanket on top of the Rock and play so it's above her head If she's napping in the living room. There is still a solid few inches between blanket and her face and she's obviously supervised, but she seems to get overstimulated and this helps blocking out visual stimulation. I always swaddle, rock and put her down sleepy and then shh her to sleep for naps.
  • Have you tried giving her a warm bath before nap/bed time? It works for my newborn and even my toddler.
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