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Fertility reading?

I was wondering if any of you have read any fertility (or infertility) books that you liked. I've read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but I am looking to try new things to shape up my body and get it in the best shape to conceive. There are so many choices on Amazon and I would love to narrow it down. Thanks ladies!
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Re: Fertility reading?

  • Only TCOF so I'm no help.  I think the idea of cutting down on processed foods, cutting back on carbs is a good idea.  I think unless you have true health issues or dietary concerns other than taking a good pnv with folic acid, add in moderate exercise and you are doing good.  I have read a little about the Egg Meets Sperm book and while the sex recommendations are a bit ambitious it sounds reasonable (again haven't read the book so it could have other fabulous or ridiculous information that I don't know about), but if I just wanted to pick one up I'd probably read that one.  I believe it provides some information regarding diet recommendations.

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  • It is an odd title but Beautiful Babies had a lot of goOd dietary advice
    TTC#1 since Aug 2013, I'm 37, DH 41.  
    Maya Arvigo Abdominal massage (daily self care), plus TTC meditations.
    I'm very sensitive to diet (gluten, avoid processed foods) and environment. Have a history of inflammation and tendinitis before going off gluten in 2009.  
    July 2014 - RE Visit #1: Eggs look good, Endometrioma on R ovary, HSG showed blocked R tube close to ovary. DH SA normal 
    DX: Endometriosis probably the IF cause and gunking up tubes.  Since egg reserve is high, RE says I can wait a couple months and then get laproscopic surgery to remove endo & clear tube.  If that doesn't help then move to IVF. 
    Dec 2014 - Saw new RE - does not recommend surgery on tube as it isn't likely to help.  Doubts I have endometriosis.  My endometrioma shrunk to neglible size (yay!) 
    Seriously considering IVF in March/April
    12/17/14 - Natural BFP! 
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    I haven't ready any books, but I wanted to add to what @kelley72 that you can get Sperm Meet Egg for free as an ebook.  There wasn't much on dietary stuff, but it still had good information.
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    BFP 11/28/14 ~ MMC  12/29/14    

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  • I haven't read it yet, but I have "Woman Code" sitting on my shelf waiting for me. It has a lot stuff involving what to eat when trying to get pregnant etc.
  • "The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant" is a good read. It's an easy read, but the information is presented in a conversational way - almost like sitting down for a chat with a friend.
  • I found Ogle and Mazzullo's "Before your Pregnancy: a 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception" to be a pretty decent overview. It includes multiple chapters on preconception nutrition and diet, exercise, vitamins and minerals... It is a little dated(2002), but it has been a good reference for me.
  • I enjoyed this as it is the method of natural family planning I use. 

    The NaPro Technology Revolution: Unleashing the Power in a Woman's Cycle


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  • Thanks ladies! Sorry I did a bit of a post and run. My phone died and I haven't been able to check back here as much as I would normally. Sounds like some good recommendations!
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  • I'm reading Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar. Talks about different ways to coping, how to de stress, etc. I decided to buy it after I wanted to throw something hard at my husbands face because he wanted to stay downstairs and talk to his sister on the phone instead of BDing on my last fertile day because I had a feeling I would ovulate the next day (which I did, based on my temps). Yea I get his sister is going through a divorce and struggling with 4 kids, but sometimes I don't think he understands how important timing is when you're trying to get pregnant, even though I remind him every month! I ended up falling asleep before he came upstairs because I had to work early in the morning.
    Me: 37 DH: 37, married since Sept. 2013. "actively" TTC for a total of 13 months (after 7 months of TTC, took a 1 1/2 year hiatus due to work scheduling and wedding planning. Started up again after our wedding in Sept.) First evaluation by an RE November 2013

    OH-tiny polyp found, but RE assured me she doesn't think it's contributing to infertility and doesn't recommend me to remove it because it's so small.
    DH's SA-normal
    Hormones all within normal levels
    Ovarian Reserve-RE says "is great" she's not concerned about my egg quantity (which I was until I saw her and results came back good!) 

    04/2012 50mg Clomid=BFN (prescribed by OBGYN, not monitored)
    06/2012 50mg Clomid=BFN (prescribed by OBGYN, not monitored)
    11/2013 100mg Clomid, with HCG trigger=BFN (prescribed by RE, monitored with US (2 dominant follicles) and baseline bloodwork done)
    01/2014 100mg Clomid, with HCG trigger-(prescribed by RE, monitored with US-1 dominant follicle)=BFN
    06/2014 7.5mg Letrozole, HCG trigger (prescribed by RE, monitored with US-2 dominant follicles), IUI #1 on 7/3/14=BFN
    07/2014 7.5mg Letrozole, benched for IUI#2 this cycle, because I ovulated on my own before my follicular US. Progesterone suppositories=BFN Diagnosed with PCOS this month too. Testosterone levels high at 76. =( 
    08/2014 7.5mg Letrozole, HCG trigger with 19mm follicle. IUI#2 on 8/31 cancelled last minute due to family emergency. 
    09/2014 Taking a 3 month break starting this month. If not pregnant in 3 months, will start up again with medicated cycles and IUIs. Had all my labs and AFC re-evaluated this month also. RE says nothing much has changed since my eval last November, okay for me to take a little break. =) 

  • Sorry to bump an old-ish thread(what is the "rule" about old threads, anyway?)
    I've been listening to a lot of podcasts while working lately, and have just stumbled across a really interesting "Revolution Health Radio" episode that is all about pre-conception and pregnancy diet recommendations. I really enjoy this guy's take on traditional foods, fertility supplements out there (he says not to take them), deficiencies, and a variety of other good natural-health fertility related info. I'm not linking because (I think) it's against TOU, but it is episode 7, if anyone is interested.
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