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Baby Fever

So my husband has mentioned 3 times in the last month that he has "baby fever". It's crazy because when we had our first, he wasn't planned and my husband isn't really the type of person to initiate that kind of conversation. But I know that he wants to have another baby soon. A few weeks ago he had a serious conversation about wanted to have our kids close together and wanted to start trying within the next 6 months. It's weird because I was always the one to bring that stuff up when we were thinking about the first one. I'm just scared. I work from home and feel it'll be close to impossible to do with two. Then there's the fact that we finally are getting date nights again and no one will want to baby-sit a toddler and a baby at the same time! I don't want kids super far apart but part of me still doesn't feel ready. Did you ladies just take the plunge or are you waiting?

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  • I go back and forth. Some days I find myself daydreaming of a second child, and others I'm thankful we only have one right now. My daughter still doesn't sleep all night every night, so it's mostly on the "bad" nights that I'm glad she's an only child. I do want her to have a sibling, though. I haven't started my period back yet, so we can't get pregnant right now anyways.
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  • I'm in the back and forth boat too!  Initially I was always very confident that we would be one and done.  DH has always wanted a 2nd, but only recently have I even considered it.  I do have days where I want a squishy newborn again, and want to see DD's love for a little sister or brother, but I have more days where I'm really glad she's an only child because I just don't know how I would handle 2.  I now say that IF we do try for another, it won't be until DD is older so she is more self sufficient and even able to help with the baby. 
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  • We plan to try in February. I still waffle.

    I know that I will miss the freedom a toddler offers vs a toddler and a newborn. I know I will feel spread thin with my responsibilities to two children. I know I will struggle with multiplying my attention to two.

    But I want my children to be close in age. I am 32 and appreciate the risks with having children as I get older. I love the challenges that come with being a mom. I think rising to those challenges make me a better person. DD is pretty helpful and excited about babies and if I'm lucky she may be out of diapers when #2 comes along. I am really excited about providing her with a built in playmate soon. It will be a minute before #2 will be old enough to really play but I've enjoyed the extra time that a 3 year age has given us as opposed to a 2 year age gap would have given us.

    So, I guess my summation is that there are pros and cons but for me the pros of TTC soon outweigh the cons.
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  • I always thought we would have 2 maybe 3 kids and they'd be close together. Life has dealt some serious blows since then and now we might be one and done. If life works out that there is a #2 then they will be 3-4 years apart.
  • We started trying again.  We wanted to start trying a year ago, but I've had a lot of serious health issues that prohibited us from trying.  We finally have the clear to try again, so we are hoping it happens quickly before anything else happens with my health.  

    In a way, us having to wait was a blessing because I don't think I could have handled 2 under 2 at this point in my life.  Now if we get pregnant when we want to, my son will be 2 1/2.  Much more manageable than an infant and a 16 month old!

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