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So I volunteered at school yesterday

And discovered DD is quite the class clown! I mean, we think she is funny but last year she was quite disinterested in kids and quiet. Well, she is cracking jokes to the point of it being a bit of a problem. When the teacher was calling attendance, one kid said Happy Birthday instead of present. So my kid pipes up when her name was called, Merry. Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanza!
My group had DD, 3 boys and one other girl. DD really tried with the girl. She asked her, Norah, what type of candy did you give out for Halloween? The little girl just looked at her and told her Halloween was over. I could tell my DD was really trying to think of things to say. That stung a bit, to see her try so hard and get it just off the mark. I mean, kids talk about Halloween but most don't ask what candy their parents bought right? The girl was complaining her hair was in her face and my DD told her they could try to find a barrette and the girl told her to leave her alone.
The good news was the boys loved her lol! They fought over who got to hold her hand and they talked easily with her. So that was nice to see! Anyone else have an ASD kid who is trying to get reactions with humour? I talked to her after about what is appropriate but who knows if it got through. My biggest fear is kids laughing at her instead of with her.

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  • Yes, dd is very much like this. She's such a ham and loves to make people laugh. She likes to dramatically act out scenes from tv shows as well. I can see her getting into acting when she's older. I was a lot like this as a child as well. I have inattentive ADHD, was the youngest in my class with a late November birthday and was emotionally immature to boot. I had a mother hen type friend as auntie described in the early elementary school years. We moved in third grade and I found a neighborhood friend two years younger than I that was my closest friend and had mostly boy friends in school. I also had a cousin three years younger who was like a sister. Middle school was surprisingly the best I fared socially. I went to a small catholic school and was well liked by the popular boys which made the girls follow along. High school was tough socially with girls but I always had a boyfriend so I didn't care much. Lol. To this day I still predominantly share boy interests. I'd rather spend the day at a bar with hot wings and beers than shop or go to a spa. I'm a few weeks shy of 32 and only in the past year did I start wearing makeup.
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  • @fredalina‌ it's funny I also had a lot of male friends in school who are now out or some who were out in high school. I was drawn to male friends but enjoyed the platonic aspect of straight girl gay boy relationship.
  • We are doing incredible flexible you now, so lots of social thinking. I do see it helping so we will keep with it!
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