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My baby bites/sucks aggressively

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My baby is 3weeks Old and 1 day. When I nurse him he sucks extremely hard and bites down with his gums. I know he is latched correctly because I've seen an lactation nurse and even tried a nipple shield. The pain is getting pretty intense...I definitely do not want to give him formula though so that's not even an option. I think he's just greedy with his milk lol! Does anyone else's baby do this? Any tips or advice?

Re: My baby bites/sucks aggressively

  • My little girl does the same thing, though not all the time. I noticed it at the hospital and the nurse told me to take her off and tell her "No" before letting her latch back on again. I told my husband it's like feeding a rabid toothless weasel! My LO settles down after a bit but can get riled up again when the milk runs out. Is he like this the whole time he's nursing? I've had good luck with Lanolin Cream and also the nipple gels that you put in the freezer. Good luck!
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       The first 6 weeks it's going to hurt... like razor blades is what I tell friends who ask (I love nursing past this point, but I don't sugar coat the beginning)- you may be going a bit too long in between feedings too if you find your baby is acting like they are famished! I agree with the last post... nipple cream and ice packs really do help! Good luck... just remember it gets so much easier and you wont feel a thing a few weeks out... you've got this!

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  • Do you have a pump?  This happens to me too and sometimes I pump and bottle feed for a feeding or two so my nipples can heal...
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