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Constipation in babies?

Hi all, 

I have just introduced formula to my once exclusively breastfed 5 month old. I give her about 30 cc of formula in addition to breastmilk at almost every feed. For the past day, she hasn't had a bowel movement (which is unusual for her) and she seems to be trying to strain (uncomfortable). I am wondering if there is anything I can do about this? I am afraid to introduce more formula to her since she is having this reaction to such little amours? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Re: Constipation in babies?

  • I had the same issue when I transitioned to son formula.  My pedi told me to add 1 oz of prune juice to the bottle. Also, have you tried bicycles with her legs? That helps too!
  • oh really? did the prune juice work? Did you have to continue it or was it just during the transition? Im hoping when she starts eating solids it will be a little better?
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  • Yes the prune juice worked great! I did it every other day for a week.  Unfortunately, solids constipate them too. LO just began carrots last wknd and had issues for 2 days. I gave him prune juice yesterday to help out! A warm bath helps that department too!
  • thats interesting because you would think that certain solids - like fruit/veggies - would have the opposite effect as constipation!
  • If you're still BFing, you can drink juice while you feed too. I was leery of giving DD juice at such a young age (1 month old) so I drank Apple juice at every feeding. That and bicycle legs like PP said helped a lot. We also did some tummy massage too. Good luck!

  • cut a little piece of a glycerin suppository and put it up her bum.  hold her butt cheeks together for about 2 minutes... then quickly put the diaper back on.  That should work, but if ti doesn't,

    They have liquid suppositories called Pedialax
    that works like a charm.
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  • Which type of formula are you using?
    -I only breastfed for 3 weeks and then switched to powder formula. The powder formula was fine for about a month and then led to constipation. My LO is currently on Ready to Feed formula only and 1/2 jar of prunes every other day (per the ped).

    I would contact your ped about the issue since there are several ways to resolve and several reasons why it occurs.

    (PS. prune juice didn't work for my son and only caused cramping/gas)
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  • My Son have issues with constipation when he transitioned from breast to ready to feed.

    My pediatrician recommend stimulation with the tip of an infant thermometer to help with the bowl movement.(we only had to do this once)

    Also bicycling littles legs will be benifical.
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