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What do yall do for Halloween? Do yall go trick or treating door to door or just stick to the malls? Is there anyone that doesn't participate? If you decorate do you do scary or cute? What age do you transition to scary from cute?

We will be going door to door. And a few fall festivals. We are still deciding if we are going to do scary or cute. We did scary last year when she was 1 and she wasn't scared of the stuff.

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  • We have a bunch of opportunities.  We go to the local Boo at the Zoo and trick or treating around my IL's neighborhood.

    We don't decorate, don't want to store all of that clutter.
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  • The mall is a great place to go! Scary or cute is goin to depend on your kids and how you and mom handle. I like both. :) And out kids handled scary pretty well.
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  • I LOVE talk like a pirate day!  Though to be fair, I like talking with an accent ALL the time.  Sometimes at random.

    We are still thinking of costumes for us, but our 12 year old will be a ghost bride while my 10 year old wants to be a fridge.  gotta love it.  Not sure on the 14 year old.  There is a party she is going to, so I am sure she will break down and dress up....we'll see.

  • We are going to go trick or treating door to door in our neighborhood. My 2 year old is going as a minion and idk if we are dressing up with her or not. I want to dress up as the 10th Doctor but I dont want to dress up unless it's going to match my daughters
  • The 10th Doctor with Minions as companions...I would watch that!!
  • That would be fantastic when you put it like that. I would love to see a Ten/Donna/minions combo. That would be epic
  • We did our Zoo Boo and went door to door.  Aside from the standard Jack O'Lantern, we don't really decorate much, only holiday we really decorate for is Christmas.  We'd have to keep it cute at this point, with a nearly 2 year old and a nearly 4 year old who just recently got semi-traumatized by a large spider decoration falling off the shelf randomly at my son,  who screamed so loud when it came at him that the cashier at the other end of the Super Target said they heard it from my wife's account.
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