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Getting nervous! Bright red implantation bleeding

I've been TTC for about 2.5 yrs.  Diagnosed with PCOS.  Finally seem to be responding to femera.  This is our 3rd cycle.  I had a 27mm follicle on cd 16 and IUI on cd 17.  I had spotting around 10 dpo.  I'm nervous because it was bright red and not the brown/pink everyone always describes.  Has anyone else had this and gotten a BFP?  If so... what day did you get your BFP?

Re: Getting nervous! Bright red implantation bleeding

  • Do you know how long your luteal phase is? I've never experienced implantation's usually a hind sight kind of thing. I had brown spotting for days before my chemical pregnancy, but I've also had brown spotting every single cycle since except when I began taking progesterone after O (it was discovered I have a luteal phase defect). I'd try as hard as possible to not symptom spot, it will drive you crazy! Implantation bleeding is pretty rare and from what I've read, it's like a drop or two of blood and that's it - it doesn't continues. At 10 DPO just take a test every day until you get a pos or AF! GL
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  • I had implantation bleeding. It was red enough to fool me into thinking that I had my period, but then obviously it didn't continue. I thought it was odd that I had spotted since I didn't normally but then tested and got my BFP three days later. Sorry I know thats not helpful and not what you were looking for. But I guess if I remember correctly it was red enough for me to think I had my period... best of luck! 

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  • I don't honestly know how anyone attributes spotting to implantation.  Spotting/bleeding happens even during the lp for different reasons.  I so hope you do get a BFP, my suggestion would be to go ahead and test, how many dpo are you?  Are you having a beta/ when?  

    I had brown blood turned red for a moment/not even pantyliner needed at 25dpo (bfp at 14dpo) during my last pregnancy.  I had no further bleeding/spotting during pregnancy.

    I also did not have spotting or cramping until my chemical loss at 20 dpo (bfp at 13dpo).

    best wishes!

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  • Implantation bleeding is a hindsight kind of thing, you won't know if that's what it is until you get a BFP, and even then it's as likely to be coincidence as anything, no way to know if it was random spotting or implantation. It's not like they can do studies on this kind of thing, you know, IB is completely anecdotal not scientifically proven. Ultimately, I'd advise you to try not to drive yourself crazy with symptom spotting and reading into every little thing, especially as you're on meds that will make your body behave much differently than it normally might.



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  • I had enough IB when pregnant with DD to believe that it was a shorter than normal period. I dated my pregnancy from then, and was shocked to go for my 18w u/s and discover that I was closer to 23w!

    I agree that IB is a hindsight thing. To me, I was getting a period. I was disappointed and moved on, not really thinking much of the fact that it was shorter than my usual cycle. 

    I agree with PP who said try not to symptom spot. It's tough not to do it, but it will drive you crazy!

    Good luck 
  • My 2 pregnancies I never spotted, actually I never spot in CD1 is always medium or heavy. I did have one cycle where I spotted, it was not dark and it was only like 1 drop or when I wiped, it happened on 8 and 9 DPO. That cycle was a BFN.

    Are you being seen by an RE? I hate to give you more to be concerned about, but I would be suspect of a 27mm follie...that is more overripe/cyst zone to my RE. On Letrozole/Femara we trigger at 19-20mm.

    Good luck, I hope you do get that BFP! 
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