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Today's math homework had 24 problems consisting of higer math multiplication (think 8973 x 87). It took DS (and me) an hour and a half, after which I put a note in the binder that while he completed all 24 problems, due to the time it took, he was not going to complete the THREE other assignments (an essay, spelling words and something else I didn't bother looking at). He (and I) were completely spent after the math sheet was done. Holy shit, you have got to be kidding me - is this fourth grade or is this college?

Moreover, he is obviously not learning how to do this properly at school, otherwise it would not have taken him this long, although if you think about it - even if he was not making mistakes (which ate up more time to correct), it is not crazy to assume that each problem would take roughly 2-3 minutes (new concept - takes longer). So, that still means 60 minutes for JUST MATH! Add in the other language arts assignments and spelling words = this homework was bound to take an hour and a half, even without hiccups!

WTF teach?!

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  • 4th grade homework sucked for me. My teacher overloaded us, worst part was that's the grade my Mom taught at the same school and the teacher was one of her best friends (still is) so while she would have normally set a timer for 40 minutes and what got done got done (age appropriate ammount of time for 4th) she didn't. It was an awkward year, especially the day I said how much I hated teacher X mid-homework ;) You've gotten some great suggestions but just wanted to put out there that this happens.
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  • Thanks, guys.

    I talked to the teacher today after school. We agreed to modify his hw to reduce time (as in: instead of 24 problems, he'll have 12...etc.).

    She'll try other modifications, such as (as she correctly stated): he has a hard time listening to instruction and actually comprehending it, if he also has to write stuff down. So, if we eliminate the writing, he'll only have to concentrate on the listening and comprehending. Since writing is his weakness anyway, he probably uses all of his energy for that and then misses the point of the instruction.

    He already has 1hr of sped instruction per week to achieve his math goal and 1hr for his language arts goal. Those are either pushed in or pulled out, based on need. Teacher said those are getting done.

    We also discussed the problem with their new methods of doing math, which I don't know, so while I'm good at math and math tutoring was actually my job during college, I'm afraid I confuse DS by not being consistent with the new methods.  When I help him with homework, I'm somewhat like Auntie's H. The new methods often irritate me, they don't make any sense to me, so I stick with the old school: "the most efficient way from proint A to point B". Teacher told me not to worry about it that she had just learned the new methods last year herself (lol) and would never expect me to know those. OK - well, we'll stick with my superior methods then. Ha!

    What was reassuring was that she actually said he's currently one of her better math students. You wouldn't know it from his test scores because 1) he doesn't really strive to get a good grade 2) he rushes through tests and makes silly mistakes. His main motivation is to be done with the pesky test, so he can do something fun. But, she assured me that he gets the overall concept because when she purposely makes mistakes on the board during math, he always raises his hand and knows where she made the error and how to correct it.

    Again, we'll re-evaluate in a couple weeks. But, no more 2hr homework nights, that is for certain.




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